Information on Saturday, September 26th, in our area

 The Governor just announced she is declaring an Emergency situation in North Portland for this Saturday, September 26th.

She has put the State Police Superintendent and the Multnomah County Sheriff in charge of a joint operation in north Portland.  Along with Portland Police, they intend to spread police officers out in the neighborhoods, especially between Delta Park and Peninsula Park.

All three police agencies stated during the press conference their intent is to keep the Proud Boys meeting in Delta Park and the Black Lives Matter folks meeting in Peninsula Park apart.

The Governor has authorized the use of CS gas by all three police agencies if they deem it necessary to stop any altercation.

I am sharing this information with you so you are not surprised by increased police presence.  You may also want to keep your windows closed to avoid any exposure to CS gas.  Although Mayor Wheeler has dis-allowed PPB to use CS gas, the Governor is overruling him for this one time only.

You can google the Governor's Press Conference today to learn more details.  

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