Seeking Volunteers - Locking/Unlocking the ADA Portable Toilet at Arbor Lodge Park

Have you used the ADA portable toilet at Arbor Lodge Park? While the park restrooms are locked for the winter (the building is not winterized), the Arbor Lodge Neighborhood Association provides this for the neighborhood.⁣

If you believe that having this portable toilet is important, we would love your help. Portland Parks and Recreation (PP&R) would like it to be locked up each night and we need volunteers to help with that. The door needs to be unlocked every morning by about 9am and then locked at about sunset every evening. It is a simple combination lock, so no key is required. Once you know the code, you can easily help us lock or unlock it!⁣

Our December volunteers have done this for about 30 days. Can you step in to help for a week, 2 weeks or for a month? If so, please let us know and we'll share the lock combination with you.⁣

Thank you for considering! Everyone in the neighborhood will thank you too!

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