COVID-19 Vaccine - Let’s help everyone in Arbor Lodge get the information they need.

COVID-19 vaccines are starting to become available.
Let’s help everyone in Arbor Lodge get the information they need.

Do you have a neighbor who might not have a computer? Or a neighbor for whom English is a 2nd language? Or an older neighbor who uses email, but nothing else on her/his/their computer? If so, you can help that person and family access a COVID-19 vaccine. 

Here's how:
  1. Give them this phone number to call, it is part of the COVID-19 Vaccine Oregon.gov program:
    • 866 698-6155
    • Or they can call 211. Long hold times are expected. This phone line is open 7 days a week, 6am to 7pm. He/she/they must make the call - not you (HIPPA guidelines.)
  2. You could use your computer to help. Use your laptop or phone, while on the phone with them or while following recommendations for safety with them, go to: https://covidvaccine.oregon.gov/
    • On that website you'll find eligibility dates for anyone with different abilities, by age group, and much more. You can navigate the website for them, but they will have to be comfortable answering some questions with you.
  3. For anyone with different abilities, you can call these phone numbers too, but the person needing the help will need to do the talking (HIPPA guidelines require that.)
    • Developmental Disabilities: 888-988-3228
    • ARC Oregon (adults with different abilities): 503 581-2726
    • Aging: 855 673-2372

Significant eligibility dates coming up by age range only:
  • 80+ 2/8/21
  • 75+ 2/15/21
  • 70+ 2/22/21
  • 65+ 3/1/21

There are several board members of the Arbor Lodge Neighborhood Association who are happy to help people in the neighborhood find the information they need and sign up to get vaccinated. Please contact board@arborlodgeneighborhood.com if you would like help.

Let's try to get everyone in Arbor Lodge his/her/their vaccine ASAP.
Thank you for caring and helping your neighbors.

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