Act Now for walk-ability in Arbor Lodge Neighborhood

Opportunity to bring change for walk-ability!

Please take a couple minutes to provide testimony on the proposed “Design Overlay Zoning Amendments” which you can do here https://www.portlandmaps.com/bps/testify/#/doza
Deadline is May 12 at 5:00pm

We are again asking the city to extend the Centers Main Street (m) Overlay, which requires all commercial or mixed use lots to include at least 25% active use on the ground floor. If you’re looking for suggestions on what to say, here are two:

Option 1: Copy/paste into the online testimony app the following: “Please extend the (m)-overlay to Arbor Lodge!”

Option 2: Read up more by reviewing our original testimony and expand your comments to include your unique perspective on public participation, ground floor active use and other aspects of the DOZA process.  

Note:  our testimony includes not only applying the (m)-overlay where the (d) already exists, but also extending the (m) to include the intersection of N Rosa Parks Way and N Denver Ave; our only non-transit corridor commercial district with public gathering space.


  • Arbor Lodge is experiencing significant increased residential development intended for car-less community members (e.g. apartments with no parking, decreased on-street parking) yet lacking commensurate increase in places to walk to.
  • The Design Overlay Zone Amendment (DOZA) process is a revision of a City code oriented toward ground floor active use space i.e. retail, commercial, food and drinking establishments, and gathering places
  • While most important corridors within Arbor Lodge include the Design (d) Overlay, they do not include the Centers Main Street (m) Overlay that requires a minimum 25% ground floor active use.  The (d)overlay nor our base code requires ground floor active use
  • Tomorrow, Wednesday May 12, City Council is hearing testimony before they vote to adopt the recommended draft of the new code, a member of the ALNA Land Use committee will be providing virtual "in person" testimony.
  • See here for a map illustrating the need for ground floor active use in Arbor Lodge Neighborhood

Thank you.
E-mail the ALNA Land Use Committee at landuse@arborlodgeneighborhood.com

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