Land Use Update: 2111 N Rosa Parks Way


We got answers to our development questionnaire (below) and a copy of the plans (thumb nail above) proposed at Early Assistance (first meeting with the City prior to neighborhood contact).  Reference also the neighborhood contact webpage for this project for basic information.

Please note, during the neighborhood contact phase the permit application has not been submitted yet and elements of what is proposed may change, to be brought into compliance with code or other reasons.  

Answers in italics received from architect representing the owner on 5/18/2021


  • Will ownership be maintained or sold after construction? Owner will keep and maintain.

  • Is there a story behind the name Kennedy? Owner selected for personal reason.

  • Are there any noteworthy green building features such as onsite PV (solar), or increased energy efficiency? None.

  • Any specifics about the affordable housing element e.g., how many units?  How affordable will they be? Affordable units per city inclusionary zoning will be provided.*


  • With regard to no on-site parking, will any offsets be provided e.g., subsidy to tenants for public transit or car-share programs, dedicated parking for car-share programs, etc.? Transportation impact subsidies will be provided per zoning code.**

  • Will you provide at-least an off-street loading zone for delivery, short term parking, etc.? Existing curb parking to remain.

  • Will there be a bike storage room? Bikes are stored on breezeways near unit entrances.


  • Will the proposed courtyard area be available to the public?  (church attendees / passers by could be tempted) The courtyard is private for safety reasons.

  • Will any trees be removed or preserved? Pending arborist/landscape architect review.

  • How will garbage be managed?  e.g., location of cans, etc. Trash room in back of building provided for storing trash containers until pickup service.

  • Will units have air conditioning? Yes.

Explanatory information from the Land Use Committee

*Sounds like they are considering the 60% or 80% option.  There is a helpful table in this Inclusionary Housing Program Sheet that reveals what the rent and maximum income limits would be. 

**A Transportation and Parking Demand Management (TDM) plan must be completed prior to permit approval.  This is where “multimodal” incentives for tenants are determined, and to be of minimum value equivalent to one TriMet adult annual pass per unit for 1st year of building occupancy. 


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