Have you heard of our Fresh Fruit Donation Network for Chief Joseph Elementary?

We are a group of neighbors who volunteer to donate (usually twice a school year) 30 individual pieces of fresh fruit (think apples, oranges, tangerines) to be added to the weekend backpack of shelf stable foods going out with food insecure kids attending Chief Joseph Elementary.  These kids are identified by their teachers and the school counselor.  They come to school on Monday mornings "hangry" and not as able to learn or get along with others due to being hungry.  The school sends a weekend worth of food home each weekend with these kids, we just add the fresh fruit.

If you'd like to join this Donation Network contact Ginger via arborlodgeginger@gmail.com

I'll need your email address, you'll be assigned a week in advance, you can change if that week doesn't work for you, and you'll get info on where and when to bring your donation.  If you work during the day, food can be delivered to my house in the evening, then I take it in the next day.

 Please join the Donation Network, you'll be helping neighbors right here in Arbor Lodge.

Thank you for considering.

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