ALNA is seeking gift cards, or donations to purchase them for food insecure children at Chief Joseph Elementary School - our local community school.

Each year near the Winter Holiday Break, the Parent Teacher Organization, and the Backpack Program gather extra food and cash to help those identified children who are food insecure.  This year, that is 50 children.  

The 3 week Winter Holiday break is a hungry time for those kids.  They would normally get both breakfast and lunch at school.  So, we try to help out by donating food, and money for gift cards to enable them to buy the food they need to get by.

You can help, just go to:

At the top right of the page is a donate button which goes to paypal, and donors can select "backpack program" from the drop down menu
if you would prefer to write a check, you can take it to the school before December 15th, and drop it through the mail slot.  Be sure to note it is for the Backpack Program. 
If I receive any more information about donating food supplies, I'll share it immediately.  

Last year, you all contributed $3,000 to this cause.  I was floored when I heard that amount, just amazing!  Let's try to do the same or maybe a little better this year.
Thanks for caring for our neighborhood children.

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