Land Use Update: 6606 N Maryland


At our monthly online meeting Thursday November 18 we are hosting Alicia Jameson, from McGuirl Designs and Architecture, about their proposed development of two apartment buildings (total 30 units) at 6606 N Maryland Ave.  Demolition of the preexisting single family home has been completed.  No off-street parking nor loading zone is proposed (parking not required for 30 units or fewer per City code, see page 3, loading zones not required for 40 units or fewer, see page 39) and it is uncertain if the project is subject to the Inclusionary Housing requirement (I have asked the City for interpretation).  The ALNA Developer Questionnaire has been provided in advance.  See additional information on the City's Neighborhood Contact page, and follow permitting on PortlandMaps.com.

E-mail the ALNA Land Use Committee at landuse@arborlodgeneighborhood.com

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