A Holiday meal for the Arbor Lodge Shelter.  

17 people made a wonderful Thanksgiving Dinner for our new neighbors at the Arbor Lodge Shelter.  We'd like to do a Christmas/Holiday meal too.  You can contribute by going to this website:


Once there, you can select one or more items to purchase - we checked prices at Costco, but you can buy anywhere.  Once you've selected your items, don't forget to go to the bottom of the page to "Submit and Sign Up".  

All items can be delivered to the Arbor Lodge Shelter anytime starting December 23rd, as they are all OK to be refrigerated until served.  Just drive or walk to the Shelter, park anywhere, walk to the front door ( at the NW corner of the building closest to the intersection of Denver and Lombard.  Someone will be just inside the door to take your donation and thank you.

Thank You for welcoming our new neighbors and making their celebrations brighter.

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