Graffiti / Garbage Cleanup

Garbage & Graffiti Cleanup
-You can make a difference-

The City of Portland has programs that assist in the removal of garbage from encampments and graffiti from public spaces.

Choose one of these options to report garbage because of a nearby encampment. Please pick just one option (not all three):
The report you submit will automatically create a work assignment for a crew to go to the reported location to remove garbage and bio-hazardous materials.

Graffiti removal:
  • PDX Reporter: and select “Graffiti” from the main menu.
  • We suggest taking a picture, then go through the website.
  • Be sure to use for any graffiti on official street signs, do not remove it yourself, you could damage the reflective film on the sign.
  • Graffiti may only be removed from the surfaces designated on the visual guide provided by the Graffiti Removal Program. Do not attempt removals on the sidewalk or ground.

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