Land Use, Traffic and Crime Prevention

Land Use
Arbor Lodge Neighborhood Association (ALNA) does not currently have a land use committee, however, we encourage neighbors with questions about development, vacant buildings, transportation and other issues to contact our Land Use Chair by emailing As always, we invite you to reach out and let us know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.
If you are looking for major permits and/or development notices, recent documents can be found at the Bureau of Development Services webpage. We have also collected recent notifications in this folder. You can see a summary of those notices below.

Transportation Safety
As of July 2016, we have a group of neighbors organizing for slower and safer traffic in the neighborhood. Find their google group page here, and get involved!

Safety and Crime Prevention
The Office of Neighborhood Involvement offers a variety of problem-soling resources for getting help with ongoing crime and crime stats, graffiti, neighborhood watch, help with problem liquor establishments, etc.
Visit for a variety of resources, as well as for several handouts on safety-related topics.

Our current Crime Prevention Coordinator is:
Sofia Chavier
Crime Prevention Coordinator – North Portland
Office of Neighborhood Involvement – City of Portland
Serving: Arbor Lodge, Bridgeton, Cathedral Park, East Columbia, Hayden Island, Kenton, Linnton, Overlook, Piedmont, St Johns, & University Park
desk: 503-823-4094
street: 4747 E Burnside St, Portland OR 97215
web: /

Additional Land Use Resources
We have received the following recent notices:
Wondering about the history or current permits on a property in the neighborhood? Thinking about moving to the neighborhood and wondering if your house is in the Urban Renewal Corridor zoning area? Are you unsure about which neighborhood you live in? Go to Portland Maps at <> and type in any Portland area address to find interesting facts and statistics about properties in the neighborhood.

North Portland public notices are available for review and can be found at the Bureau of Development Services webpage.

The Office of Neighborhood Involvement maintains a list of establishments that have applied for new  liquor licenses or changes to their existing licenses.

The City of Portland created this zoning map of Arbor Lodge Neighborhood. (Large pdf file)

Arbor Lodge Neighborhood Plan, Adopted October 1993
Census Data for Arbor Lodge, 2010

2013 Land Use Committee Minutes
January  Agenda, Minutes
February  Agenda, Draft minutes
March Agenda, Draft minutes
April Agenda, Draft minutes
May Agenda, meeting cancelled
June Agenda

December  Agenda, Minutes