Land Use

Arbor Lodge Neighborhood Association (ALNA) does not have a formal Land Use committee, however, welcomes all to get involved; and if you show up to a meeting or participate otherwise, you are making a difference and therefore contributing as "committee".  With questions, comments, or concerns about development and related issues, please contact our Land Use chairperson by emailing

See all Land Use related blog posts (news, development and meeting announcements) to this ALNA website here, recent notices for major permits or developments from the Bureau of Development Services here, and recent land-use decisions here  Information about proposed development (when meeting requirements to do so) are on the neighborhood contact website.

Portland Maps at <> has information about current and historic permits for individual properties, in addition to a lot of other useful data about zoning, taxes, parks, schools, safety, transportation, and utilities.  An interactive zoning map for the City of Portland is available here


Arbor Lodge Neighborhood has collected the following additional land use notices:

Community Safety
The Office of Neighborhood Involvement offers a variety of problem-solving resources.
Visit or 
Our Crime Prevention Coordinator is:
Sofia Chavier, 503-823-4094,

Additional Resources
Arbor Lodge Neighborhood Plan, Adopted October 1993

The Office of Neighborhood Involvement maintains a list of applications for liquor licenses.