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See you tonight! Summer fun, short term rentals and more.

We hope to see you at tonight's Arbor Lodge neighborhood meeting. We're getting ready for summer and are looking for people to join us in being social in the good weather - at the park, summer block parties, national night out and more. These are great opportunities to meet neighbors and get to know your neighborhood board members and we hope you'll join us in planning for summer fun!
Thursday, May 15th, 6:30, Kenton Firehouse, 8105 N. Brandon

Also, we've been asked to support a request to consider how the City regulates Short Term Rentals (think AirBnB, VRBO, etc.). If you have experience with these and want to weigh in, bring your personal expertise to tonight's meeting. The specific request is below. 
Dear Neighbors,
We need your support and time is short.
At the April 22, 2014 Portland Planning and Sustainability Commission (PSC) meeting, the Commission voted to approve the proposed draft of the Regulatory Improvement Code Amendment Package 6 (RICAP 6) which includes the Accessory Short Term Rental amendments. The package is now moved forward to City Council for approval of the Recommended Draft.
On June 4th at 2:00 pm, City Council is scheduled to review all of the RICAP 6 code amendments, including the Accessory Short Term Rental (STR) amendments.

The STR amendments allow 'by right' short term vacation rentals in single family residential neighborhoods but many neighborhoods have not had the opportunity to review the issues which have recently been raised or comment on the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability’s staff proposal. We are not asking you to take a stand on the provisions of the STR {any of these issues} but simply to support the need for a more comprehensive public review of the STR proposal than has occurred to date.
Southeast Uplift (SEUL) and Central Northeast Neighbors (CNN) Coalitions, as well as the Neighborhood Association Boards of Sellwood Moreland (SMILE), Hosford Abernethy (HAND), and Rose City Park (RCPNA), have submitted official letters to the City of Portland requesting that Accessory Short Term Rentals be removed from the RICAP 6 process because of the need for a broader public discussion. These letters state that the Short Term Rental amendments are a Major Policy Issue and do not qualify to be considered in the RICAP process, which by PSC’s own definition covers Minor Policy Matters and Technical Corrections. The above referenced letters are attached.

Please reply to this email with a vote of support by a simple cut and paste of the message below, deadline Friday, May 30th:

I support SE Uplift and CNN Coalitions’ request for City Council to remove the Accessory Short Term Rentals amendments from RICAP 6 to allow time for a broader community discussion.

Please share this e-mail with your friends and neighbors.

Thank you for your consideration.


Ellen Burr - SMILE Board & LU Committee Chair, SEUL LU&TC
Tamara DeRidder, AICP – Rose City Park Neighborhood Association (RCPNA), Board & Co-Chair LU&TC
Anne Dufay, Executive Director, SEUL (representing 20 SE neighborhoods)
Bonny McKnight, Coordinator Citywide Land Use Committee
Linda Nettekoven – Hosford Abernethy Neighborhood Development (HAND) and SEUL LU&TC
Michael Roth - Chairman Rose City Park Neighborhood Association (RCPNA)
Mary Ann Schwab - Southeast Uplift resident 
Alison Stoll, Executive Director, Central NE Neighbors - CNN (representing 7 NE neighborhoods)


Commercial Zone Walk along Lombard

Leslie Lum - our new North Portland District Liaison from the Bureau of Planning & Sustainability - has organized a walk along Lombard to talk about the proposed zoning changes between N Chase and N Denver that were discussed at our last neighborhood meeting.

Arbor Lodge and Kenton Commercial Zone Walk along Lombard: Tuesday, May 27, 2014 from 6:30-8:30

Meet at Kenton Firehouse: 8105 N Brandon Avenue

Rough Agenda
6:30-7:00 Describe different commercial zones with examples
7:00-8:00 Walk on Lombard (between N Chase-N Denver) to discuss what does and doesn’t work
8-8:30 Debrief and talk through what might be appropriate zoning on this strip of Lombard

Demolitions, Residential Infill, and Housing Affordability

North Portland Neighborhood Services is co-sponsoring a panel to discuss: Demolitions, Residential Infill, and Housing Affordability

Join us for an Informative Evening with a Panel of Experts

Wednesday, June 11th  6:30 - 8:30 p.m.

Concordia University

Luther Hall Auditorium, 2811 NE Holman St.

Guest speakers from  the City's Bureau of Development Services, Bureau of Planning and Sustainability, home builders, housing and community organizations will address:

•What are the City's regulations around residential tear-downs and new construction?
•How do these trends affect neighborhood affordability, stability and equity?
•What are the environmental issues around the demolition of buildings?
•What is attracting home builders?

Moderated by Amalia Alarcón de Morris, Director of the Office of Neighborhood Involvement
Central Northeast Neighbors
North Portland Neighborhood Services
Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods
Southeast Uplift

For more information about the event please contact Sandra Lefrancois at (503) 823-2780 or

We will make reasonable accommodation for people with disabilities, people needing assistance with language interpretation. Please notify us no less than ten business days prior to the event (503) 823-4099 TTY: (503) 823-6868,


Agenda change for tonight's meeting

Due to scheduling conflicts, the panel on land use will be postponed. We will still talk at some length tonight about development in Arbor Lodge, and look at some resources, etc. from other neighborhoods.

Revised Agenda:
6:30   Introductions, ask if any additions to Agenda by those present
6:40   Minutes and Treasurer's reports/updates
6:50   Police Update
7:00   Update on Clean Up - Volunteers needed!, Movie in the Park update, North Portland Parks Committee letter to Amanda Fritz

7:15   Development Issues in Arbor Lodge
          *  zoning, do you know your zoning?  
             *  required disclosures for non-commercial real-estate transactions
          *  affordable housing issues - resources to learn more
          *  what have other neighborhoods done?
8:00  Next steps
         *  committee to engage neighbors
         *  do we need a group from Land Use to volunteer to answer questions presented online or in person?
         * should we recruit a group to develop Arbor Lodge Guidelines?  if yes, who?  how to recruit?
         *  what else???


Please join us Thursday, March 20th, 6:30 
Kenton Fire House

March 20th Arbor Lodge Neighborhood Association meeting
Kenton Fire House

6:30   Introductions, ask if any additions to Agenda by those present
6:40   Minutes and Treasurer's reports/updates
6:50   Police Update
7:00   Update on Clean Up - Volunteers needed!, Movie in the Park update, North Portland Parks Committee letter to Amanda Fritz

7:15   Panel on Development in Arbor Lodge
          *  zoning, do you know your zoning?  
          *  affordable housing issues
          *  transportation safety issues  - bikes and pedestrians
          *  presentation of some options for ALNA
              *  developing a flier about zoning in the transit zone only
              *  developing "Arbor Lodge Guidelines", a set of desired development guidelines for our neighborhood, not enforceable, but giving both the City and potential developers info about who we are and what we'd like to see
             *  your ideas?????

8:00  Putting it altogether
         *  do we need a group to write up a flier?
         * do we need a group from Land Use to volunteer to answer questions presented online or in person?
         * should we recruit a group to develop Arbor Lodge Guidelines?  if yes, who?  how to recruit?
         *  what else???


Land Use and Transportation Committee Meeting Tonight!

Hi folks! We had advertised an information session and discussion on the CRC project for tonight's Land Use and Transportation Committee meeting. Unfortunately we were not able to line up a representative from the project in time, so that discussion will be postponed.

We will still have our normal monthly LUTC this evening. We will talk about the ongoing Lombard Re-Imagined project, parking issues in the neighborhood and more! Hope to see you tonight and apologies for the late change of plans!

When: Tuesday March 5th, 7:00 pm
Where: Kenton Firehouse | 8105 N. Brandon

You can learn more about this committee at the Land Use and Transportation page.


Lombard Walk-About: Let's make Lombard More (fill in the blank)

Have you heard about the Swift Planning Group that is working on a project called Lombard Re-imagined? It's a group of senior planning students at PSU who have responded to the request for new ideas on a stretch of Lombard from Chautauqua to MLK Blvd.

They want to hear from you!

The Swift Planning Group will be available to hear your ideas at the Comp Plan Workshop this coming Tuesday, February 26th. They will also be holding two Saturday walk-abouts where they can see exactly what/where you're talking about in person. These walk-abouts are scheduled for March 2nd from 10am-11:30am and March 9th from 1-2:30pm, meeting at Cup Cafe (formerly Northstar) before heading out to Lombard.


Comp Plan Public Workshop

Are you looking for an opportunity to share your opinions about the long-range planning of our wonderful city?  There is a workshop scheduled in our area coming up very soon.  Mark your calendars!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013
5:30 - 8:30 PM
De La Salle High School


Just Released: Portland Comp Plan Draft

Interested in your city's development?  Check out the newly released working draft of the Comprehensive Plan.  This evening, Barry Manning, the planner for North Portland presented the draft at our general membership meeting.

Working Draft Part 1

You can help shape the long-range planning for your community and city by participating in any of the many public workshops available.  The workshop scheduled for North Portland will be held at De La Salle North Catholic High School on Tuesday, February 26th, from 5:30-8:30 PM.


Land Use Meeting

Join us for our next Land Use Committee meeting at the Historic Kenton Firehouse on Tuesday, January 8th, at 7:00 PM. 

This committee is in the beginning stages of formation, and we'll discuss the mission of the group, as well as updates on The Office, zoning of our neighborhood, and any new land use notices.  Check out our new Land Use page for more information or to review meeting records.