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DOZA Amendment for Ground Floor Active Use has been Withdrawn


At the City Council hearing Thursday, Commissioner Dan Ryan withdrew DOZA amendment #7 that would require 25% ground floor active use along N Interstate in commercial mixed-use zoning in Arbor Lodge. The written testimony in favor of Amendment #7 did not result in a change to the code.  Mark Wyman, ALNA Land Use volunteer, testified verbally, delivering a well-adjusted message only minutes after this news.  Video links are below.

While we are disappointed, we are encouraged to have been heard by our commissioner, had strong support from City staff, made it this far in the process, and most importantly... heard a diversity of input from all of you!  It is your words, participation, motivation, and care for our future community that got us this far and sets a new stage for moving forward - to balance the desperate need for more housing with safe walk-able neighborhoods supporting less car dependency.  Commissioner Dan Ryan is attending our monthly Neighborhood Association public meeting on this Thursday, June 17. We look forward to continuing the conversation.  See here for meeting details:

So what happened?  Organizations in opposition to Amendment #7 apparently met ahead of time with Commissioner Ryan.  We know this because the hearing contains testimony from affiliates with prepared statements thanking Commissioner Ryan for productive meetings and withdrawing the amendment.  We are still learning how these processes work, and though a tough lesson to learn, we now know better for the future.  Like the organizations opposing Amendment #7, we share a strong support for affordable housing. We look forward to moving forward with that as a clear and necessary goal along with walk-ability.

May 12 City Council Hearing on DOZA Recommended Draft Video

ALNA Land Use Committee volunteer testimony: along with your written testimony is what led to the proposed amendment.

June 10 City Council Hearing on the DOZA Amendments Video

Introduction of amendment #7 and Commissioner Ryan's withdraw: Land Use Committee volunteer testimony:

E-mail the ALNA Land Use Committee at


Act Now (again) to save walkability in Arbor Lodge neighborhood


Thank you for your previous testimony about the Design Overlay Zoning Amendments (DOZA), City Council is now considering a requirement for ground floor active use in Arbor Lodge, but we are not done yet.  Please once again take a couple minutes to support this NEWLY PROPOSED amendment and provide NEW testimony here: is Thursday June 10 at 4:00pm

If you’re looking for suggestions on what to say, here are two:

Option 1: Copy/paste into the online testimony app the following: “Please vote yes to include proposed amendment #7 for ground floor active use in Arbor Lodge!”

Option 2: Review the proposed amendments and background information (here and here) from the last public hearing, and expand your comments to include your unique perspective for supporting ground floor active use in Arbor Lodge (amendment #7) and other aspects of DOZA.  

Additional information:

  • Proposed amendment #7 would require at least 25% ground floor active use space for development of parcels on N Interstate zoned for Commercial Mixed Use between N Ainsworth and N Lombard.

  • Explanatory note:  While our original ask was to apply the Centers Main Streets m-overlay where the Design d-overlay already exists, it is the 25% ground floor active use requirement of the m-overlay that we really wanted and now being proposed - this is good.

  • It is critical we see this change now before more spaces are lost.  We will be adding 1000s of new residents in the next few years.  Residential development just-off N Interstate in Arbor Lodge (e.g., N Greenwich, N Maryland, N Montana) is far outpacing housing development in surrounding neighborhoods with the m-overlay, and development on N Interstate in Arbor Lodge is happening without a requirement for ground floor active use (e.g., the ARLO apartments where the bowling alley used to be, the Zelkova apartments at N Dekum, and the Nite Hawk is for sale).

  • This change will preserve places to walk to and support increased housing intended for car-less community members (ref: apartments with no parking, decreased on-street parking) 

  • On June 10 at 2pm is the City Council hearing for testimony before they vote to adopt the proposed amendments, a member of the ALNA Land Use committee will be providing virtual "in person" testimony to show our support for a yes vote.

  • See here for a map illustrating the need for ground floor active use in Arbor Lodge Neighborhood

E-mail the ALNA Land Use Committee at

See this information and more by visiting our website: Arbor Lodge Neighborhood Association


Delitter Arbor Lodge | June 20 - Sign Up Today!

Join Delitter Arbor Lodge, SOLVE, and community members of the Arbor Lodge neighborhood for our monthly litter pick-up event! This event is open to volunteers of all ages - everyone is welcome, and no experience is necessary. The family friendly event is a great way to keep the neighborhood looking clean but also a fun way to connect with your neighbors in the community!

Our June event will be focusing on the areas between N Willamette Boulevard to N Greeley Avenue & N Bryant Street to N Ainsworth Street.

When: Sunday, June 20th, 2021, 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Advanced Registration Requested: Pre-registration is encouraged - please sign up here ahead of time so you can sign our electronic waiver to help avoid crowding during check-in.​

Meeting Location: Meet in the North Portland Pacific Medical Group Clinic parking lot near N Rosa Parks Way & N Greeley Ave. Map Link Here

What's Provided: Heavy-duty garbage bags, litter grabbers, safety vests, and rubber palm work gloves are provided for all participants. Snacks & refreshments will also be provided.

What to Bring: Please come wearing a face covering, closed-toed shoes, and please dress for the weather.

Parking: Parking is available in the North Portland Pacific Medical Group Clinic parking lot and along nearby streets.

Bathrooms: There will be no public restrooms available during this event.

Accessibility: The check-in location will be in an area that is wheelchair accessible. The majority of the cleanup area is on city sidewalks that are wheelchair accessible.

Contact: Contact Arbor Lodge Neighborhood Association at with any questions for this event.


Local Pfizer Vaccine Event tomorrow: 5/28/21 10am-5pm

Free Youth COVID Vaccination Event

Friday, May 28th 10:00am-5:00pm

Holy Redeemer School Gym127 N Rosa Parks Way

This event (cosponsored by Immunize Oregon, Legacy Health, and Holy REdeemer School) is open to the general public and for those who are eligible for their 1st or 2nd Pfizer Covid Vaccine, ages 12 and up.

There are many appointments still available. Also walk-ins are welcome. Not just for North Portland residents, any eligible persons who are interested in attending.

Mailling List Signup

The best way to stay updated on the latest neighborhood events.

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