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Update: September 8th 2021

 Arbor Lodge Tree Team meeting TONIGHT

Wednesday, Sept 8th, 7pm

Look Long Brewing - BYO Chair to help with socially distanced outside seating.


*** Sparrowhawk Natives Plant Sale, October 21-23

     *** Celebrate our good advertising work!

    *** check in on volunteer shifts

     *** questions

     *** strategic meeting with Nikkie and tracy, Tuesday, Sept 21, 10 am, Ginger and Greg signed up

     *** any last minute advertising push?

*** October 9th, UF Large Tree Giveaway - sign up sheet not out yet

***. Break all the rules, take out some TofH?  on public property only, let's talk

*** reminder - walk and find interesting trees for next summer's Tree Walk.  Check out the Sciadoputys verticillata "Starburst" on Newcastle, just north of Dekum on the east side, growing by a power pole

Hope to see you there!

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