Do you love living in Arbor Lodge?
  Like having a Port a Potty in the Park in winter?
  Enjoy the BBQ each summer?
  Are glad we have 1 of only 3 Pesticide/herbicide Free Parks in Portland?
  Support the Brian Duncan Fruit Tree Free Giveaway each March?

Then Arbor Lodge Neighborhood Association needs you!
October is election time and all positions on the Board are open for Election, see the list here:
*  Chair - assembles an Agenda each month with input from Board, Facilitates the meeting
                attends one other monthly meeting of all Chairs, or delegates it to someone
*  Vice Chair - takes on projects, fills in for Chair as needed
*  Secretary - takes minutes at the meetings, posts them online and to North Portland Neighborhood                          Services, maintains the mailing list/blog list
*  Treasurer - keeps all financial records, banking, receipts, etc.  Completes and files 3 required                                  reporting forms each year, all three one page formats
*  8 At Large Positions - attends meetings, shares ideas and opinions, can take on Committee Leadership like Clean Air, Land Use, Parks, Trees - your ideas

We meet monthly at the Kenton Fire House (it's free), at 7pm on the 3rd Thursday of each month.  Come join us on September 19th to see what we are about, consider running for one of the above positions.  We usually have some fun, sometimes get into controversial topics, and are working on our outreach to represent more of Arbor Lodge equitably. 


Arbor Lodge Neighborhood Association meeting notice
Thursday, August 15th, 7pm
Kenton Fire House, corner of Schofield and Brandon

All meetings of the Arbor Lodge Neighborhood Association are open to all who live or work in Arbor Lodge, renters, home owners, those who work here, those who own or run a business here, and our houseless neighbors.  Please come join the discussion about your neighborhood.


7:00  Welcome
7:10 BES, Sewer Project presentation, Q&A - fyi I let BES know the date/time for our meeting is not correct in his flier.  Come learn where, what, about sewer repair in Arbor Lodge coming to streets near you!
7:30 Land Use update
7:40 Clean Air Update
7:50 Park Update
7:55 Tree Update
8:00 - review of Minutes, budget discussion, upcoming elections
8:10- request from East Columbia for a letter of support on Air National Guard flight issues
8:15 - invitation from the Portland Marathon - do we want to participate with a Cheer Table?
8:20  discussion on changes to Office of Civic Life Code for NA's
8:30  announcements and adjourn.

August Land Use Committee Meeting

Tuesday, August, 6:30p
The Arbor Lodge Coffee, 1507 N Rosa Parks Way

Come to our monthly land use meeting to discuss current sites of interest, current and proposed development, and other land use issues occurring in the Arbor Lodge neighborhood. All are welcome. Below is the agenda. Attendees are not required to attend the entire meeting; if one project is of interest to you, please feel free to show up for just that portion of the meeting! Also, feel free to reach out regarding any land use issues or with questions about any of the agenda items below. Contact us at landuse@arborlodgeneighborhood.com

Your land use committee is made up of volunteers working to advocate for quality affordable house, diverse housing options, and active street-level uses in the hope that Arbor Lodge can grow to become an increasingly diverse, equitable, lively, walkable, and truly inclusive neighborhood.  If you would like to help us in these pursuits, please join us!

6:30-7:00: Early Neighborhood Involvement Meeting with Minarik Architecture regarding a multifamily project at 1605 N Rosa Parks Way (the northwest lot at the corner of N Rosa Parks Way and N Greenwich Ave). The project proposal is for an eighteen unit building. At the meeting, the representative will discuss the the design, process, and existing street trees.

7:00-7:30: Discussion regarding project at 6545 N Denver Ave. The neighborhood association is discussing options moving forwards towards trying to push for this 66 unit project to include some ground floor commercial space--in order to help ensure an integral part of an intersection in what is essentially the "downtown" of the Arbor Lodge Neighborhood serves all of us for the long term.

7:30-7:45: Open discussion.


The July Arbor Lodge meeting is our Annual Summer BBQ at Arbor Lodge Park
Please come join us.
Arbor Lodge Park, just north of the playground
Thursday, July 18th, 6-8 pm
We will provide hamburgers, Octoberfest sausages, and Smart Dog veggie dogs, bun, and condiments.
You bring a potluck item or just come.

Hope to see you there!


July Land Use Committee Meeting

July Arbor Lodge Neighborhood Association Land Use Committee Meeting

Tuesday, July 9, 6:30p
The Arbor Lodge Coffee, 1507 N Rosa Parks Way
Come to our monthly land use meeting to discuss current sites of interest, current and proposed development, and other land use issues occurring in the Arbor Lodge neighborhood. All are welcome.

6:30-6:45: Pre-development Early Neighborhood Involvement Meeting with Brett Schulz Architect regarding a project on the corner of N Holman and Montana. The proposal includes two buildings, each three stories tall, containing a total of 29 apartments. This developer is also building the multifamily projects located at 1340 and 1415 N Dekum.

6:45-7:00: The City of Portland Bureau of Development Services requests feedback on the draft of requirements for notification signs on future development sites. The recently revised neighborhood contact requirement includes signage on some projects. We will discuss both the rule and the proposed signage drafts. Information can be found at: https://www.portlandoregon.gov/bds/article/734901

7:00-7:15: Discussion regarding the project at 6545 N Denver. We will discuss where we stand currently and what our next steps might be.

7:15-7:30: Open discussion.



Arbor Lodge NA meeting is Thursday, June 20th, 7pm at the Kenton Firehouse.


Arbor Lodge Neighborhood Association meeting

Arbor Lodge NA meeting, if you live, work, or play in Arbor Lodge you are welcome to come and add your voice to our meeting discussions.  Come check us out!
Kenton Fire House
Wednesday, June 20th, 7- 8:30 pm


*  Welcome, introductions - 5 minutes
*  Greg Borchet from Portland Clean Air  - 15-20 minutes
*  update from Clean Air Committee - 10 minutes
*  update on Sunday Parkways - 5 minutes
*  July  BBQ planning - 10 minutes
   *  food
   * rented BBQ
   * Talent show . . . just sent out invite
   * Pop Up Arboretum guided walks that night
* intro of Craig Harlow, potential Transportation guru - 5-10 minutes
*  minutes approval for May - 2-3 minutes - please read them online now
*  update on final budget report to NPNS - 5 minutes
*  update on Land Use issue at Denver and RPW - 10 minutes
   *  any other Land Use issues 5-10 minutes
*  report on newsletter? 5 minutes
* Civic Life Code changes . . .10 minutes


Land Use Meeting, June 11

April Arbor Lodge Land Use Committee Meeting
Tuesday, June 11, 6:30p

The Arbor Lodge Coffee, 1507 N Rosa Parks Way
Come to our monthly land use meeting to discuss current sites of interest and development occurring in the Arbor Lodge neighborhood. All are welcome.

6:30-6:45: Pre-development Early Neighborhood Involvement Meeting with Caliber Homes, LLC to discuss a proposed multifamily project at 7337 N Villard Ave. The proposed project is an eight unit town home development with two bedroom units.

6:45-7:15: Discussion regarding the development of 6545 N Denver Ave.

7:15-7:30: Open discussion.


Arbor Lodge NA is seeking someone interested in Transportation issues.  Our lead person on this moved out of the area.

Are you interested in bicycle and pedestrian safety;  willing to consider how cars get around our neighborhood safely?   If so, this might be of interest to you.  Overlook NA has worked successfully with Arbor Lodge on some issues; new issues are coming up possibly with Kenton on Denver and Lombard where ODOT is planning work this summer/fall.  Yes, ODOT, not PBOT as Lombard is a Hwy 30 Bypass.

Please let me know, arborlodgeginger@gmail.com, if you are interested in this opening with the Arbor Lodge Neighborhood Association.  I'm happy to add info, and answer your questions.  Thank you.


Styrofoam/Styrene Pnuts now accepted at Clean Up

Yes, Agilyx, the place we take all the recyclable styrofoam/styrene will now accept P nuts.

They must BREAK, not BEND.  If they snap/break and are a curlique style they are likely styrene.  If they bend, they have starch in them as we cannot accept them.

Please bring them in a clear plastic bag.

And, bring all your other recycling and SWAP materials.

What is a SWAP item?  Something you no longer need, but is usable by a neighbor

Delaware Street between Saratoga and Dekum.  Entry only from Saratoga

Saturday, May 18th, 10-2


Yes to:
household junk
electronics - anything with a cord or battery, no to fluids, fuels or bio-hazard
styrofoam/styrene  #6 - check the Agilyx website to be sure, www.agilyx.com ( they have pictures)
Large Public SWAP area
reusable, unpainted building materials

No to:
painted items
construction/remodeling waste materials
yard debris or kitchen waste
concrete, contractor loads, any form of asbestos
batteries, light bulbs, microwaves, car batteries
demolition debris - tiles, shingles, ceilings, plaster, insulation, electrical wire,
starch pnuts - they BEND, they don't snap/break

$10 donation suggested