Agenda for ALNA Meeting – Thursday Oct. 15, 2015

Please join us for Elections and more this Thursday, October 15th, 6:30pm

All who live and/or work in Arbor Lodge are welcome to join us for this meeting.  We meet at 6:30pm at the Historic Kenton Firehouse on N. Brandon and Schofield.
6:30 – Introductions, any additions to Agenda by those present 
6:40 –Year of ALNA in review, opportunity to sign up for next years' big events and suggest your      ideas- it will be fun
6:50 - Elections
7:15 - Vote on yearly budget that was discussed at Sept. meeting
7:30 - Presentation by TVA Architecture of proposed apartment building at 1532 N Holman
8:00 - Presentation by Olson Group of proposed apartment building at 6846-56 N Greenwich Ave.   
8:30 - Q&A with architects 


Board Elections are coming! Help us usher in the new year and join the board!

Our board elections are coming up on October 15th.  We have several open positions so if you are interested in being part of the Arbor Lodge Neighborhood Association Board, let us know - email: board@arborlodgeneighborhood.com or come to our October 15th meeting, 6:30PM at the Kenton Firehouse on N Brandon and Schofield. Contribute a couple hours per month towards making great events happen in our neighborhood over the next year, like the neighborhood picnic, movies in the park, neighborhood cleanup and more!

Positions are open to people who live (including renters!), own property and represent organizations and businesses in our neighborhood. People have declared that they're interested in serving in the following positions, however all positions are open. We are eager to include everyone and all ideas and energies in ALNA.

Our current list of neighbors who are running for the board:

Robert Greene - Vice Chair
Duane Eldred - Treasurer
Maggie Janes-Lucas - Secretary
Directors At Large - Katy Asher, Allen Wheeland, Sharon Parker, Nate Young, Brian Duncan and Ginger Edwards

We hope you'll add your name to the list!


Fall’s here, and your comfortable, safe home awaits

Fall’s here, and your comfortable, safe home awaits
By Stephanie Swanson

After what seemed like an endless, hot summer, we’re all breathing a sigh of relief as temperatures are finally dropping—winter is just around the corner! But before the cold sets in for good, fall is the perfect time to take some easy steps to make your home cozier, healthier and safe for this winter and beyond.

Watch your windows. Did you know your windows can help keep your home warm in the winter? Take advantage of the winter sun’s heat by opening south-facing curtains, drapes and blinds during the day, and then closing window coverings at night to keep the heat in. If you don’t have blinds or shades, consider installing them to reduce heat loss (they’ll also help keep your house cool next summer).

Lower the dial and get cozy. Keep your home 10 to 15 degrees cooler when you are not at home, and lower the temperature slightly at night to save energy. Nothing’s cozier than bundling up with blankets on a winter night!

Breathe easy. Many homes trap allergens and pollutants, which affect indoor air quality and can seriously impact the whole family. Checking for radon and installing a carbon monoxide detector are two simple steps that will help everyone breathe more easily.

Get prepared. Back to school is a great time to take stock of emergency preparedness plans and supplies. It’s also a good time to ensure your home is prepared for what may come. Seismic “hardening” of your home helps keep your home secured during severe storms, high winds and earthquakes. It’s also a necessary first step if you’re looking to get earthquake insurance.

For more information about how to improve the comfort, health and safety of your home, visit Enhabit.org/neighborhood and take a quick online quiz. If you so choose, you can access other resources including free services or financing for efficiency improvements and even seismic retrofits.


Agenda changes for tonight's meeting

We had a last minute cancellation for the presentation tonight regarding the apartment building at 1532 N Holman.  This will be rescheduled for a later meeting.  

The revised agenda for tonight is as follows:

6:30 – Introductions, any additions to Agenda by those present
6:40 – Special election for interim Secretary position
7:00 - Revisit Budget Items and decide what events we want to fund next year to present budget proposal in our October meeting. 
7:40 – Any grant applications we want to apply for with NPNS?

8:00 – Any comments we want to make to the Mixed Use Zoning for the comprehensive plan?


Dog Lovers of Arbor Lodge Park, we need you!

Have you noticed the smelly, muddy, puddle along the south side of the off-leash area next to the paved path?  If so, come help us eliminate it on Saturday, October 10th between 9-12.  This is a work party titled Parke Diem.  It is a city wide volunteer effort, but in Arbor Lodge Park this is our priority. We need you to help us dig it out, line it with landscape cloth, then spread gravel so it will not refill with water and mud.  Healthier dogs, less mud and smell in the Park, what's not to like?

If you sign up online you'll help us plan the day, and you'll get a free Parke Diem T-shirt.  Here is the link:  www.parklandia.org/parkediem, then select North Portland under the community button, then Arbor Lodge Park.

Hope to see you October 10th!
meet at the west baseball diamond off Dekum and close to Greeley, it is our tool shed.  We'll have snacks and water.


Agenda Addition for Thursday Sept 17th

We will have special guests next week.  TVA Architects will be discussing their proposed apartment building at 1532 N Holman St.  They are in the preliminary planning stages and would like neighbors' input early in the design process.


Agenda - Sept 17th meeting

Agenda for Arbor Lodge Neighborhood Association Meeting – Thursday Sept. 17th, 2015

All who live and/or work in Arbor Lodge are welcome to join us for this meeting.  We meet at 6:30pm at the Historic Kenton Firehouse on N. Brandon and Schofield.
6:30 – Introductions, any additions to Agenda by those present 
6:40 –  Possible Special Guest - TBD - North/Northeast Neighbors for housing affordability 
6:50 – Special election for interim Secretary position
7:00 - Revisit Budget Items and decide what events we want to fund next year to present budget in Oct.

7:40 – grant applications we want to apply for/support with NPNS 

Assistance Sought from Police

Portland Police are asking for your help in apprehending a person who exposed himself to a young girl in the neighborhood near N Bryant and Denver earlier this week, including surveillance footage from any neighbors in the area who have cameras. Click through for details.

Parke Diem
What is it?  a city wide volunteer effort in Parks, community gardens and open spaces - 7 in North Portland, one is Arbor Lodge Park/Harper's Playground.

When is it?  October 10th for Arbor Lodge Park/Harper's Playground and all North Portland locations.  9-12, noon.  Some events in other parts of the city are on October 9th

Where will it be?  Arbor Lodge Park/Harper's Playground, Baltimore Woods, Pier Park,  Pennisula Park Rose Garden and 3 Community Gardens in North Portland, John's, Beach, and Calrenden

How can I participate?  go to:  http://www.parklandia.org/parkediem to sign up.  If you sign up online you help us plan for the number of volunteers and you get a free T-shirt too!

What will I do?  At Arbor Lodge Park/Harper's Playground you'll be asked to hand weed around trees, spread bark mulch, weed planting beds and spread bark mulch too.  We'll also flame weed the curbing and sidewalks if it has rained.
**** Special for Dog lovers, we hope to dig out that muddy water puddle next to the dog area and the paved path, line it with landscape cloth, and add gravel to get rid of that smelly/dirty puddle all dogs like to drink from and roll in ****  and, we need to dig out some invasive Bishop's weed from the west planting bed.

It can all be light and easy with enough volunteers.

Water, snacks provided.  Thank you for signing up online and helping our Parks shine.
North Portland Parks Advisory Group urges you to participate!


School Back Pack Program starts for 2015-2016 school year, please join us!

Each Friday backpacks go home with children known to be hungry over the weekend.  These children and youth have been identified by their teachers and school counselors as just not having enough to eat over the weekend; and they show up hungry on most Mondays mornings.  Hungry kids don't learn as well, and sometimes act out in others ways due to their hunger.  You can help end this cycle and it is easy.

Join the School Back Pack Group in Arbor Lodge.  Individuals and families donate 20-40 individual pieces of fresh fruit (apples and oranges and tangerines travel best) 1-2 times per school year.  This fresh fruit is added to food staples like canned goods and dry foods.  It is enough to get each child/youth through the weekend.

Once a year we have a party to Celebrate, Give Thanks, and Share.  We celebrate each other, give thanks for our plenty, and share with others by bringing $5 gift certificates to grocery stores, cash, and/or canned goods to add to the Winter Break backpacks (a 2-3 week break in school).

Any level of participation is wonderful.  This year we will be trying to help fill 40 back packs.  Right now we have 17 families/individuals in the donation group.  Can you join and help out?  If so, contact Ginger at ginger.edws@gmail.com, and Thank you!