Seeking 3-5 Volunteers for Easy Job - Flyering

Seeking 3-5 volunteers with 1-2 hours on their hands between Aug 5-14 to flyer in the neighborhood. Help us cover a few holes in our distribution area and explore a (possibly) new corner of the neighborhood:

-Chattauqua  east to Oatman and Lombard south to Bryant
-Willamette east to Burrage and Bryant south to Rosa Parks
- Atlantic east to Wilbur and Rosa Parks south to Ainsworth

We've divided the sections so that they're small enough for one person, and you just drop the flyers off on the front porch. You'd be helping us make sure that everyone (not just people following us online) hear about our August 16th Movie in the Park – “Mary Poppins.”

We'll provided a map of your section, enough flyers, a little exercise and many thanks!

If interested and have the time and energy, please contact Sharon Parker at sharonparker@prodigy.net by Monday or Tuesday of this week if possible!

Thanks a lot!!


Today's the day: Neighborhood BBQ

 We'll be setting up in the park later this afternoon for our neighborhood BBQ. Hope you and your family can stop by!


This Sunday, July 19 - Livability Team Returns!

We're in the beginning stages of forming a "Livability Team" and YOU just might be the person to pitch in and help. Supplies, training and cheer-leading provided!

What's involved?
* Reporting and removing graffiti with safe sprays and scrubbing tools.
* Taking walks in selected areas (you select the area) to pick up trash with gloves and trash picker-uppers.
* Noticing and reporting safety issues to the City - again, training provided if requested.
Sometimes, the groups do their work and then go out to coffee or lunch, others just meet to "do the work." In either case you can help shape the group, meet more neighbors, learn your neighborhood, and make it a safe and clean place to live.

Interested? Meet us at The Arbor Lodge coffeehouse on Sunday, July 19 at 8:30am for a planning session! For more information contact Ali at alisonalucas@gmail.com.


Like Trees?  

Come join an Arborist who is also an Arbor Lodge resident, Gina Dake, this Saturday at Arbor Lodge Park for a tour of selected trees, tree identification, a value and benefits walk and talk, light refreshments and snacks too. This is a family friendly event.

See the large banners on selected trees to demonstrate their value to us as residents of this area.

Come and just enjoy the Park and Playground; structured time on Saturday, July 18th from 9-11.

Brought to you by Urban Forestry and your local Arbor Lodge Tree Team. Interested in the Tree Team? We will have a sign up sheet there for you to share your contact info.


July meeting - see you at the park!

Our monthly meeting for July will br mostly devoted to mingling at Arbor Lodge Park at our BBQ Potluck from 6-8pm! We will, however have a brief discussion at 7pm about purchasing some goodies for our August movie night. See you Thursday!


Be a Voice for the Neighborhood Association

Seeking: E-Newsletter Editor
Communications Specialists, Undercover Novelists, Poets, Chatty-Cathy's and Online Mavens:

Help us bring fun events, neighborhood doings and important information to our neighbors. We're looking for someone who considers him/herself to be friendly, good with follow-through and thinks whipping up an e-newsletter with 3-4 topics/edition sounds easy as pie. Show off your writing skills and help us show the world how great it is to get involved in Arbor Lodge!

Soliciting content, following-up for details and pulling together text and images in a friendly, engaging format should take 3 hours/month - or less!
We're looking for 3-5 topics, 3-7 sentences each, highlighting Neighborhood Association (and neighborhood) goings-ons, 9-12 months of the year. We can help - we just need someone who has time to initiate and make it happen!

Skills needed:
-Familiarity with online newsletter platforms (We use MailChimp - it's very similar to MyEmma and/or Constant Contact).
-Willingness to work as a team with other communications volunteers and board members
-Zest for summarizing events/information in short, information-rich blurbs
-Some level of online/social media skills (you can keep track of your passwords, know how to use Facebook, understand the concept of uploading images, creating links - this is hard for some folks, easier for others!)

Training provided for folks with enthusiasm and basic skills! Contact board@arborlodgeneighborhood.com with questions, inquiries. Come meet us in person as well and see if you want to work with our great group - consider stopping by our summer BBQ in Arbor Lodge Park, 6:30pm, Thursday, 7/16.


Seeking: Secretary

Join the board of the Arbor Lodge Neighborhood Association in a power position: The Secretary! 

For just a few hours/month, keep us on top of legal requirements, post resolutions and other actions and keep minutes that tell the story of the meeting. Learn organizational requirements, how things function to meet legal necessities and get things done - we'll train you, so don't worry! Your work as secretary tells our story.

Skills learned in being the secretary of an neighborhood association are transferable to many different organizations, and hey, if you're looking for a job, is a nice thing to add to your resume. We'd need you to attend monthly evening meetings on the 3rd Thursday of the month, and to spend 1-2 hours outside of the meeting working on records, plus any additional time you want to put into other neighborhood projects.

Our current Secretary is moving out of the country this summer, and we need to fill her post by August (bye, Lauren! We'll miss you!) Contact board@arborlodgeneighborhood.com with questions, inquiries. You're welcome to come meet us in person as well, and see if you want to work with our great group - consider stopping by our summer BBQ in Arbor Lodge Park, 6:30pm, Thursday, 7/16.


Agenda for June 18th meeting.

Agenda for Arbor Lodge Neighborhood Association Meeting – Thursday June 18th,  2015

All who live and/or work in Arbor Lodge are welcome to join us for this meeting.  We meet at 6:30pm at the Historic Kenton Firehouse on N. Brandon and Schofield.

6:30 – Introductions, any additions to Agenda by those present

6:40 – Q&A with new crime prevention coordinator - Angie Russo.  She recently moved to Portland and was previously a Deputy District Attorney in the Bay Area.  Bring your questions or concerns about crime in our neighborhood to share.

7:10 – Next months Picnic in the Park event.

7:20 – Movie in the Park – update on advertising.

7:30 – Sunday Parkways – call for volunteers.

7:40 – Budget for 2015-16 fiscal year.

8:00 – Review developer’s plans for 18 unit apartment development at 6205 N Minnesota Ave.  Q&A with developer to follow.


Last Friday Happy Hour Tonight - You're Invited!

Hey Neighbors! Kitchen too hot for cooking? Tired from the week and want to just kick back and relax? Join your neighbors for a pint and some pizza at Lucky Lab on Killingsworth from 5-7:30 tonight. Kids welcome as always. Hope to see you there!