February meeting Agenda, come join us!

Here is the Agenda for February 19th, 7pm, Kenton Fire House regular meeting.
you can always add to the Agenda at the beginning of the meeting.  Hope to see you there.


*  moving back to the 3rd Thursday for meetings
*  possible election - Susan Harris to Board?
*  Discussion of Happy Hour with Overlook and when to do again
*  501c3 or not - monetary discussion that adds to this
*  update on Brian Duncan Fruit Tree Giveaway
*  update on Willamette Greenway Project
*  Clean Air Committee
*  tolling on I 5 Discussion
*  Land Use update
*  plan for Committee to revise By Laws, plan a date to bring to a meeting for discussion/vote
*  perceptions in the neighborhood of who we are/what we do - Bob Greene to lead discussion

** note time change to 7pm


It is late winter, working into early Spring . . . time to plant your free fruit tree or shrub.

Yes, it is the 2nd annual Brian Duncan Memorial Fruit Tree and Shrub Giveaway time.
To honor the memory of Brian Duncan, the Arbor Lodge Tree Team is again holding a workshop and giving away for FREE fruit trees and shrubs chosen for our neighborhood.

Together with April Jamison, Garden Ecology owner and fruit tree expert, we chose trees and shrubs that produce delicious fruit, are easy to care for, disease resistant, and will do well in North Portland.  April states, "By using a holistic lens and emphasizing systems that 'work with nature',  she is able to help in transforming spaces into places of beauty, abundance, and joyful experience-- places that care for the earth, care for people, and inspire trends toward healing and sharing. "

You are invited to attend her workshop from 9-11 at the Kenton Fire House to learn more about planting and care of your new trees or shrubs.

This year, all trees and shrubs are sourced from One Green World, a local nursery.

So, go to:


to learn more about the available trees and shrubs.  Watch a video of last years' event, reserve your tree or shrub (2 per person), and come to both the workshop listed above and the Giveaway at Arbor Lodge Park, off Delaware, from 11:30 to 1 to pick up your plant.  Come to both the workshop and Giveaway, or just one or the other.  All are welcome at both - but be sure to reserve your plant or we won't have it!  We will have Mason Bees and info on this native pollinator, cookies, and maybe hot drinks for all.

Don't miss out!  We have apples, pears, figs, persimmons, plums,  quince, elderberry, and blueberries - several varieties of each to chose from, except only the native elderberry.

See you there.


Arbor Lodge and Overlook Neighborhood Associations Happy Hour

Meet your neighbors! Arbor Lodge and Overlook Neighborhood Associations are hosting a joint happy hour at Lucky Lab N. Killingsworth on January 31 from 6-8pm! Come meet the board members, have a pint, and talk about our neighborhoods. All are welcome and the event is family friendly!


Arbor Lodge Neighborhood Association meeting
Tuesday, January 15th, 6:30
Kenton Fire House, 8105 N. Brandon


*  Welcome - 6-7 
*  Presentation from developer on 6710 N. Montana - 10
*  Tom Griffin Valade - 501C3 discussion - 20
*  Minute approval for December   - 3-5
*  reminder of box at New Season's - getting use - what to put there? 3
*  Budget update/discussion for year - 20?
*  Land Use issues? - 10?
*  Clean Air update? - 10?
*  Mark your calendar's for March 2nd Brian Duncan Memorial Fruit Tree Giveaway - 2
*  Lombard pedestrian/bike safety upgrades - who can present this? - 10?
*  Tree Team update - 5

All are welcome, home owners, renters, business folks too.  Anyone who lives and works in Arbor Lodge.


Arbor Lodge Neighborhood Association December 18th Board Meeting Agenda

Greetings! The ALNA Board will be meeting on Tuesday December 18th, from 6:30-8pm at the Kenton Firehouse 8105 N Brandon Ave. Board meetings are open to the public.

  • Introductions (5 min)
  • Approval of minutes (5 min)
  • Transportation Update, guest speaker Scott Cohen PBOT (15 minutes)
  • Land Use Committee Update (15 minutes)
  • Clean Air Committee Updates
    • Discussion on neighborhood sponsored/volunteer run air quality monitoring
  • Coordination with Overlook Neighborhood Association on shared issues (10 minutes)
  • EPA's Portland Harbor Clean Up Plan (10 minutes)
  • Tree Team funding request (10 minutes) 
  • Setting Up January Agenda (10 minutes)
    • 501c3 incorporation
    • Updates to FY 18-19 budget
  • Open time for attendees (10 minutes)


Agenda Tuesday November 20th Board Meeting

Arbor Lodge Neighborhood Association
Tuesday November 20th, 2018
Kenton Firehouse 6:30pm

Welcome, introductions  (5 minutes
Approval of October minutes (5 minutes)
Special Election --open at large positions (10 minutes)
Brian Duncan Fruit Tree Giveaway (5 minutes)
  • ALNA board member needed for planning committee
  • Decision on whether or not to expand past Arbor Lodge to other neighborhood
Bylaws Update (5 minutes)
  • Update membership meeting quorum rules to match board meeting quorum rules. 50% plus one (1) of the filled elected Board positions. If a quorum is not present, no votes can be taken.
North Portland Trust Fund (10 minutes)
  • Community grants ranging from $500-$3500
  • Opportunity exists for North Portland Neighborhood Associations to form selection committees to award grants within their neighborhood boundaries
  • Board needs to inform NPNS if Arbor Lodge are interested in reviewing grant applications and awarding a local pool of projects. 
  • Alternative is for NPNS to continue to act as the selection committee 
North Portland Vanport Legacy Enhancement Grant (5 minutes)
Happy Hour/December social event? (5 minutes)
Update on Communications (5 minutes)
  • Mailing list consolidation 
  • Planning for  new website
Other committee Updates (20 minutes)
  • Transportation 
  • Land Use
  • Clean Air
  • Tree Team
  • Parks
Open floor, members (15 minutes) 


Next Arbor Lodge NA meeting, Tuesday, November 20th, 6:30 pm

Do you love where you live?  Want to contribute by supporting what works, and helping to advocate for the best for Arbor Lodge?

Arbor Lodge Neighborhood Association is looking for 2 people interested in just that.  
We have 2 open positions on the Arbor Lodge Neighborhood Association Board for At Large Positions.  
*  We hope one of these people will be interested in Land Use issues.  Learning how to read Portland Maps, getting to know some developers, advocating for best practice design for our neighborhood.
*  At Large Board positions can lead a committee, or just come to meetings and volunteer for things of interest, share their opinions, etc.

We meet the 3rd Tuesday of each month, 6:30 – 8’ish at the Kenton Fire House,  8105 N. Brandon.  We will hold a Special Election at our next meeting, Tuesday, November 20th.  

Questions?  Just ask, we'd love to meet you.


It is with confidence I write this post. 

Last Thursday the Arbor Lodge Neighborhood Association held Elections and passed a Budget for this coming year. 

We also formed a new Air Quality/Environmental Committee.

Here are a some highlights:
*  We still have 2 open positions on the Board for At Large members.  These positions ask you to attend the meetings, maybe lead a committee or activity, lend your opinion and voice to all discussions
*  We changed our meeting day to the 3rd Tuesday of each month.  Our next meeting will be Tuesday, November 20th at 6:30pm, Kenton Firehouse
* We created a Communications Team to clean up our mailing list, make sure our blog posts work well, and any other communications is working well too
*  Here are the Election results and some areas of interest for each person elected if stated by that person:
Chair - Ginger Edwards
Vice Chair - Mark Wyman, Communications and outreach
Secretary - Lex Burling
Treasurer - Tim Pape
At Large Board members:
Bob Greene
Beth Staus
Sharon Parker - will do outreach to folks who sign up for our mailing list to explore interests
Brianda Pape - Communications, and will now lead Arbor Lodge Park pesticide/herbicide free work parties
Rowan Wade - Transportation, which focuses on safety for bicycles, pedestrians, and cars, Rowan will be reaching out to Overlook NA and Adidas, come help him out
Non Board member Susan Harris volunteered to lead the Clean Air/Environmental Committee, join up!
*  Budget highlights include:
** money to pay for an ADA Port a Potty at Arbor Lodge Park when the restrooms are closed for winter
** Arbor Lodge Neighborhood Association received a $1,500 gift from the Portland Parks Foundation.  This money must be spent in/on the Park.  Come help us decide whether to use it to maintain the pesticide/herbicide free work parties, or for some other purpose (we would find other funding to maintain the work parties if we decide to use this money for something else at the Park).

Come check us out, we want to hear your ideas.  In December we plan some Holiday fun, and after our biz meeting in January we always have a potluck pie social.  Look for our Duncan Memorial Fruit Tree Giveaway in late February/early March.  Join the Tree Team and help us plant trees and deal with the invasive Tree of Heaven starts popping up all over Arbor Lodge.

Hope to meet you on Tuesday, November 20th at 6:30 pm at the Kenton Firehouse, 8105 N. Brandon.


Arbor Lodge Elections
October 18th, 6:30
Kenton Firehouse

Come check out the Arbor Lodge Neighborhood Association.  Learn what we do, invite us to do more.  We have openings on the Board for a Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, and several At Large positions.  Come volunteer.


*  Elections
*  Approval of Budget for the coming year - see our ideas, influence the decision
*  Brianda Pape - Arbor Lodge Park Pesticide Free work party on October 13th, 9-12
*  Confirmation on Port a Potty for Park when restrooms shut for winter (if approved in budget)
*  meeting day/time/place - could/should we change when we meet and where?

And some great ideas that came up at our Happy Hour
*  Bob Greene suggested we host some History Pubs, maybe a Vanport Discussion, and how about the Levy activity happening now?
*  Amber asked we continue outreach and set up a sharing time for AL residnets who work from home.
*  Nate suggested we reach out to Alexandra who used to be on the Board and was our contact with the AL Biz Association to see if it is still active.  
*  Dale stated that a group of neighbors is looking to create a pocket park on Jessup between Boston and Omaha.  This is an unimproved street way that can only be used by 4 wheel drive vehicles with high clearances.
*  Ginger brought an idea from Karen Beck - let's have an Arbor Lodge Art weekend or walk or something to highlight all the artists in Arbor Lodge.

Pizza will be provided to all.  Come share a slice and your ideas!


Arbor Lodge Tree Team meeting
What:  Arbor Lodge Tree Team meeting
Where:  Pinky's, 3990 N. Interstate ( near the Prescott Max stop)
When:  this Wednesday, October 10th, 7 pm
*  review of Large Tree Giveaway on October 6th
*  discussion of neighborhood or coalition?
*  Tree walk online?  - Eugenia
*  Alianthus altissima ??  
*  hosting art events for "Trees at Risk"
*  hand out of flyers from BES for free trees for commercial sites in AL
** your agenda items?????

See you there!