Summer work party at Arbor Lodge Park/Harper's Playground

August 13th
9-12, noon
meet at the west baseball diamond
bring your water bottle and gloves (we have some)
We will be weeding around trees, spreading bark mulch
weeding the planting beds in the playground
doing some clean up of baseball fields

Hope to see you there.  Going to miss this?  Mark your calendar for the City wide work party, Parke Diem set for October 8th, 9-12.  Those who sign up online get a Parke Diem T-shirt to wear all year!

and, Thank you!


Ride your bike, or walk to the Movie in the Park, "Rio".

This Friday, August 5th, Arbor Lodge Park.
Wear your safety gear and participate in our safety contest. 
3 categories:  up to 12, 13-17, and 18+
Show us how you stay safe, and encourage all of us to stay safe.
Prizes from a new local business.
Costumes encouraged, as long as they don't compromise your visibility and safety gear.
Judging at 8:15, right before the Movie starts as dusk.
Music starts at 7pm, food vendors too 


No Meeting July 21 - Join us at our BBQ!

Just a reminder that we are having a neighborhood BBQ and potluck instead of a July meeting! See you at Arbor Lodge Park tonight, July 21, 5-7PM. We'll provide the basics (burgers, veggie burgers, dogs, lemonade, plates/cutlery) - you bring a side or dessert to share!


Bring your bike to the Arbor Lodge BBQ this Thursday, July 21st, 5-7 at Arbor Lodge Park.

Why?  to get a free hamburger, hot dog, or veggie dog and shared potluck food.
Why?  to do the bike rodeo, get a coupon for a free helmet, ask 2 Portland Police Bike Patrol Officers to check your bike for safety and license it, free bike maps and more
Come meet your neighbors and have some fun on your bike too.
Don't have a bike?  Just come for the food and fun.


Be Heard! Join us in commenting on the Portland Harbor Cleanup

Comment today on the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Proposed Plan for the Portland Harbor Superfund Site along the Willamette River!

On behalf of all people who rely on the river for food, recreation, employment and culture, join Arbor Lodge Neighborhood Association, and urge the EPA to implement a plan that:

  • Quickly & sustainably reduces contaminants causing harm to Willamette & Columbia river resources
  • Includes ongoing monitoring and cleanup upriver and downriver
  • Contributes to healthy fish that are safe to eat for all people
  • Holds polluters accountable for creating a safer Portland Harbor

Stand with the Yakama Nation, Audubon Society of Portland, Groundwork Portland, Northwest Steelheaders, Pacific Rivers, Sierra Club, Willamette Riverkeeper, Portland Harbor Community Advisory Group and Portland Harbor Community Coalition, in stating that that the proposed cleanup
of Portland Harbor is a bad deal for the public.

EPA’s cleanup proposal tackles just 8% of a site area that is 100% toxic. A more aggressive plan is needed to prevent even more harm to human health and the environment.

Comment Today!
The EPA is taking comments now through August 8, 2016.

Comments on the Proposed Plan may be submitted to the EPA in a variety of ways.

Online: http://www.cleanupportlandharbor.org/

Email: harborcomments@epa.gov

Postal Mail:
ATTN: Harbor Comments
805 SW Broadway, Suite 500
Portland, OR 97205

More information:
Want a quick overview - with pictures? Check out this story from OPB.

Diving Deep? Read the full proposed plan and supporting documents, and find more details about how to comment at the EPA website.

Learn more about community perspectives at the Portland Harbor Community Advisory Group website.


Willamette Blvd. Updates, Changes to Infill Rules and more - on Facebook

Did you know that we frequently post information relevant to the neighborhood on our Facebook page? We share all different kinds of notices from different City, County and Metro Bureaus, along with notes from community businesses and partners on a daily basis!

Check out our most recent posts at: www.facebook.com/arborlodgeNA.

Learn more about how to keep up to date with neighborhood news via all of our different online outreach channels here.


Meeting Sunday evening, 5PM

Due to a lack of a quorum  at our meeting Thursday, and the need to vote on two time-sensitive issues, we are hosting an emergency meeting: 

Sunday, June 19, 5pm
Arbor Lodge Park Picnic Table in the dog area

Our two time-sensitive issues are:
-Consideration of whether to approve using funds for outreach cards about the EPA comment period re: Portland Harbor Superfund Cleanup to use at Sunday Parkways on June 26th
-Consideration of a proposed statement regarding Oregon diesel standards to take to Representative Kotek's air quality meeting on June 20th

Please join us if you are interested in these topics!


Meeting tonight, plus upcoming air quality meeting in North Portland


1. 6:30 pm  Welcome, Introductions, sign-in.

2. 6;35 pm   Approval of minutes; budget and thoughts on next years budget

3; 6:45 pm   Unfinished business/action review:gna, letter to City, letter from
                   Gregg Garcia on Jackson's proposal :letter to OLCC

4. 6;55 pm   Wilamette EPA superfund proposal released June 8, 2016:Comments and action

5. 7:05         Comp Plan update-Nate Young

6; 7:15          Movie in the Park and Park work date august 8 2016.Volunteers needed  for park work date  

7: 7;25          Update on July  Barbecue, Sunday Parkways

8: 7;35         Diesel Standards for Oregon. What action should we suggest?
                   formation of committee to meet on diesel standards

9  7;45         Park, Trails and Local transportation Improvement committee

10. 8pm       adjourn

We will meet at North Portland Neighborhood Services, N Schofield and Brandon, south entrance, on the 2nd floor. We understand that an elevator is available, just ring the bell!
Also, many folks in North Portland are concerned about air toxics. Speaker Tina Kotek wanted to provide an opportunity for folks to ask questions directly to DEQ. Below is a link to the Facebook post about an event this coming Monday, June 20, that will allow for just that! 


Interstate Litter Pickup Saturday - Join if you can!

Local business, Satchel, is hosting a litter pickup this Saturday, 10am-2pm. Join us to make the neighborhood shine and feel good about taking part!


Traffic Safety Meeting Today

Our traffic safety group meets this morning at 9am, Kenton Firehouse, Upstairs. Everyone is welcome. We will be refining our plan to do advocacy work along Rosa Parks and some of our summer outreach/education plans. There's room in the planning for your voice, so we hope to see you there!

Can't make it today, but want to join in the fray? Contact Chris Jones at christopherdavidjones at gmail dot com for more information about how to get looped into our email chain for future gatherings and volunteer opportunities.