Arbor Lodge Neighborhood Association Meeting Agenda
Thursday, November 21 st , 2019
7 pm to 8:30 pm
Historic Kenton Firehouse
8105 N Brandon Ave

Welcome ~ Introductions
ODOT Presentation: Alice Hodge 20 minutes
Portland Youth Builders: Randall Wyatt 10 minutes
Approval of October Minutes: Please review minutes on line prior to meeting
Land Use: Mark Wyman 10 minutes
Clean Air: Susan Grant Harris 5 minutes
Transportation: Beth Staus 5 minutes
Happy Hour: Beth Staus 5 minutes
Neighborhood Clean-up/livability: Karen Wolfe 5 minutes
Other committee updates/discussions/proposed agenda items: any board member
Schedule December meeting or defer to January


Land Use Committee Tuesday November 12th 7pm

The agenda for the next Land Use Committee meeting is detailed below. You are welcome to come and go for the portions of the agenda that you are interested in.

The meeting will be held at Arbor Lodge Coffee 1507 Rosa Parks. Please note the coffee shop is closed for business at this time, doors will open ~ 5 minutes before the meeting begins.

7-8pm: Neighborhood Contact Meetings: Casey McGuirl Architecture

8-8:30pm: Updates on 6545 N Denver legal challenge


Arbor Lodge Neighborhood Association Happy Hour
Thursday, October 24, 2019 from 5:30 to 7
Come down and have a pint and meet your neighbors.
Kid friendly. All are welcome.


The Arbor Lodge Land Use Committee will be holding a meeting on:

Monday October 14th
Arbor Lodge Coffee
1507 N Rosa Parks Way, Portland, OR 97217

(Please note, our general meeting and annual elections are on Thursday October 17th at the Kenton Firehouse. See the post below or CLICK HERE
The land use meeting is an opportunity to provide your feedback and input on our campaign to improve the walkability of our neighborhood and specifically our legal campaign regarding 6545 N Denver in the heart of "downtown" Arbor Lodge. The agenda is below. If you can't make it out in person, please feel free to reach out over e mail. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the "Save Downtown Arbor Lodge" campaign! The first phase of our campaign is funded and we have filed multiple appeals with the state of Oregon. (Background on this challenge is available here)

7-7:10: Introductions
7:10-8 Save Downtown Arbor Lodge Campaign Update
  • Update on LUBA appeals, input from our attorney on next steps
  • Update on fundraising and outreach
  • Discussion on strategy moving forward
8-8:10 Expanding the Main Street “M” overlay
  • Zoning designation that requires 25% of the ground floor to be active use
  • DOZA proposal, public testimony
8:10-8:20 New project submittals
  • Three new multifamily projects at 6710 N Greenwich,  6814 N Greenwich + 6719 N Maryland
8:20-8:30 Open floor


General Meeting & Elections!

Arbor Lodge Neighborhood Association General meeting
Anyone who lives - owns or rents, works, or owns a business in Arbor Lodge is welcome to attend and VOTE in our Elections.
Meeting Date/time:   Thursday, October 17th, 7pm
Location:                    Kenton Firehouse, 8105 N. Brandon


 *   Elections - 20-25 minutes.  All positions are open, Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer,  8 At Large positions.  Please consider joining this Board to maintain our healthy, wonderful neighborhood.

*  Approval of September minutes - please read online prior to the meeting - 3-5 minutes
*  Land Use update - special update on the Rosa Parks Way/Denver development project - 10 mins
*  Clean Air update - request to consider we ask Tri Met to re-instate the Free Fare zone for 18 and under to cut back on parental driving to/from school - 10 mins
*  Parks/trees update - 5 minutes - We need a new Park Coordinator to stay Spray Free in Arbor Lodge Park - could that be you? 
*  Happy Hour update, set next for October 24th, 5:30 - 7, Look Long Brewery, 6550 N. Interstate Ave.  Come meet the Board over a beer or cider, share your ideas and concerns, just get to know each other. announcement only
*  outreach to developers - including the ARLO - 10 minutes
*  your ideas?
*  Adjourn


Save Downtown Campaign Update

October 6th, 2019 Save Downtown Arbor Lodge Campaign Update

Thanks to the support of community donations we are moving forward with our challenge of the proposed project at 6545 N Denver. Below are updates on our campaign. For an introduction and overview, please visit our campaign landing page

  • 45 community members have contributed a total of $1,900 to our legal fund. Thank you for standing up for Arbor Lodge! 
  • Fliers have been printed, neighbors are conducting door to door outreach
  • The developers requested a third extension, once again citing lack of financing as a reason why they are unable to proceed with their project. 
  • The City Of Portland granted a third permit extension to the developers. Altogether, the City Of Portland have allowed an 18 month grandfathering of this project under an expired zoning code.
  • The developers have hired a high price corporate law firm, our attorney has reached out to the developers' attorney to open a line of communication and dialog.  

Our next steps are:

  • ALNA will file a second appeal objecting to the third, most recent permit extension granted by the City of Portland. This will incur an additional $400 filing fee, however we intend to join our two appeals and pursue this as a single case before the Land Use Board of Appeals. 
  • Our attorney has requested a meeting with the developers and their attorney. Our goal is to include ground floor commercial space at this prime lot, and we remain committed to supporting the developer if they want to provide value to our community.
The next Land Use Committee meeting will be:

Monday October 14th
Arbor Lodge Coffee Shop 1507 Rosa Parks Way

We will be discussing the Save "DT AL" campaign, our efforts to expand the "Main Street Design Overlay" a zoning designation which requires ground floor active use, and the upcoming change to the Multifamily Zoning Code. 

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Save Downtown Arbor Lodge Fundraising Appeal

ALNA ask for your support as we mount a legal challenge to a proposed project at 6545 N Denver, on the northwest corner of Rosa Parks in the heart of downtown Arbor Lodge. Our goal is for the redevelopment of this prime lot to include ground floor commercial space. Visit our campaign page here: http://www.arborlodgeneighborhood.com/p/save-downtown.html

The ANLA must raise funds to fight back against a development team solely motivated by self-interest who will not consider the long-term impact of their project on our community.

If you support housing opportunity AND you support vibrant, walkable neighborhoods, join us as we stand up for Arbor Lodge!

If you'd like to meet with us in person, we will be hosting an informational happy hour at

Look Long Brewing
6550 N Interstate Ave, Portland, OR 97217Friday September 27th 5:30-7pm.

The Land Use Committee Meets the 2nd Tuesday of every month at Arbor Lodge Coffee


Arbor Lodge NA meeting

ALNA is open to all who live, work, play in Arbor Lodge; please come join us and help make your neighborhood even better.

Thursday:  September 19th, 7pm
Kenton Fire House, 8105 N. Brandon


* Welcome
* Committee Reports:
    Land Use - including LUBA appeal discussion, request for support from other NA's
    Clean Air
* Brainstorming any bills/checks needed in October/November - Ginger (check signer) will be gone
*  Elections - in October - how are we recruiting? ideas?
*  NPNS, Inc report due November 15th - who can assemble it - required to continue insurance coverage
*  Treasurer's Report
*  Approval of Minutes for August
*  Annoucements?  PUAH gathering on October 25th at KFH, others?


September Land Use Committee Meeting

Tuesday, September 10 6:30-7:30pm
The Arbor Lodge Coffee, 1507 N Rosa Parks Way

Come to our monthly land use meeting to discuss current sites of interest, current and proposed development, and other land use issues occurring in the Arbor Lodge neighborhood. All are welcome. Below is the agenda. Attendees are not required to attend the entire meeting; if one project is of interest to you, please feel free to show up for just that portion of the meeting! Also, feel free to reach out regarding any land use issues or with questions about any of the agenda items below. Contact us at landuse@arborlodgeneighborhood.com

Your land use committee is made up of volunteers working to advocate for quality affordable house, diverse housing options, and active street-level uses in the hope that Arbor Lodge can grow to become an increasingly diverse, equitable, lively, walkable, and truly inclusive neighborhood. If you would like to help us in these pursuits, please join us!

6:30-7:15: 6545 N Denver, updates and next steps

7:15-7:30: Better Housing By Design, public comment open