Everyone Welcome: Neighborhood Meeting 9/21

Join us this Thursday, 9/21 for our September Arbor Lodge Neighborhood Meeting, 6:30 PM at the Historic Kenton Firehouse. 
We'll be learning about the Hot Soup program in North Portland, the Bonneville Environmental Fund's Pilot Project seeking participants for event Oct 23, 2017, Artists & Craftsman Supplies seeking a letter of support for a building mural, changes to the Tree Code, an upcoming event to make Greeley (and parallel street) traffic more safe, and changes to the Bike Code.
Plus, we are planning for Board elections in October! Come learn more about what it means to join our great team of board members. We will publish a list of names of people who we know to be running for the board after this meeting, so we hope you'll consider running.
Everyone is welcome, plus, we usually have cookies. Hope to see you there!


It's crunch time.  Do we have a Tree Team or not?

If we do, we can write a grant, likely get funded, and plant 100 trees in the next 5 years in Arbor Lodge to increase our beauty, lower the heat via increased canopy, and improve our air quality via tree filtration.

But, we need at least 4-5 folks to step up now.  I mean in the next 24-72 hours.  No one responded to my last post except to say thank you.  While appreciated, it's not enough.   We have a meeting tomorrow, Thursday the 14th, to work on this grant with City of Portland Urban Forestry staff.  But, the 2 of us will stop planning if we don't get some additional volunteers.  2 people can't do it all.

If you want more trees in Arbor Lodge, now is the time to volunteer.  Maybe you can't plant, but you can do some computer work from home, maybe you can plant and only want to do that, maybe you don't like meetings, but could do part of the project on your own and report via e-mail to others, or you like to meet over a beer and want to come talk it out.  You tell us what can work for you, but please strongly consider volunteering or this ALNA project is kaput.  Thanks for any consideration.
Questions?  ginger.edws@gmail.com


"Put the Park to Bed for the Winter"
Work Party:  Saturday October 14th, 9-12 noon
Where?  Arbor Lodge Park - meet at tool shed near Dekum, behind baseball diamond
Why?     Maintain our pesticide/herbicide free status - 1 of only 3 out of 252 Parks in Portland
What?    Weed around trees, spread bark mulch, flame weed baseball dugouts, backstops, and curbing along both Dekum and Bryant.

Snacks and water while volunteering, meeting neighbors, helping your local Park look good and stay spray free, and a hosted lunch at Azteca Burrito for up to 30 volunteers after volunteering.  We have a limited supply of T-shirts to give out too, and a few water bottles from the Parks Foundation.

Mark you calendars now and come join us on October 14th at 9 am.  Thanks!
questions, ask ginger.edws@gmail.com


Do you want clean air in Arbor Lodge?    Do you love trees?

The 2 go together!   How?  Trees help clean the air.  Join the Arbor Lodge Tree Team in 2 activities this fall.

1.  Park Tree Inventory - Sept 16th, 8:15 to 12, noon.    Join small teams of 3-4 folks, get the support of an Arborist, measure and ID all the trees in our Park.  Large conifers clean the air best and we have a few, plus those nice big firs in Gammon's Park.    We need 24 people for this and have 19 at this point.  Sign up online at www.portlandoregon.gov/parks/53181 - look for Arbor Lodge Park and sign up.
2.  Help us put together a grant to plant 100 trees in the next 5 years in our neighborhood.  We hope to team with Friends of Trees and plant about 20 trees per year for the next 5 years in targeted areas with large parking strips.  We hope to plant as many conifers as possible in these parking strips.  How can you help?  Measure some identified parking strips, help us look online to ID property owners, talk to those owners, help make a watering plan to ensure the trees survive and thrive.

Questions?  Contact Ginger at ginger.edws@gmail.com, or come to either the Arbor Lodge NA Sept 21st, 6:30 at the Kenton Fire House, or join us at the Park Tree Inventory on Sept 16th, 8:15 to 12 noon at Arbor Lodge Park.  Thanks!


Dedicating our newest Heritage Tree

We hosted a party on August 8th to dedicate "Cindy" our newest Heritage Tree in Arbor Lodge living at N Dekum and Campbell.

"Cindy" joins a long list of Heritage Trees in the City of Portland. The Urban Forestry Youth Corp affixed her plaque making her official. Heritage Trees:

  • help us all appreciate the value of trees in our landscape
  • remind us it takes time to grow big and strong
  • provide shade
  • exchange many pollutants for clean air, and 
  • provide beauty all around.  
Why is this tree named "Cindy"?  We are not sure, but she is called this by some women who meditate and relax next to her.  Maybe they will come and tell us where she got her name.


It's time for Happy Hour!

1st Friday, July 7th, 5:30 to ?
Lucky Lab on Killingsworth
Come meet your neighbors, bring the kids, chat it up and have fun!


Coming up: Tree Team Trivia July 11

Arbor Lodge Tree Team visits Albina Tree Team for Tree Trivia games:

Ex Novo Brewery, 2326 N. Flint (just south of Russell)
Tuesday, July 11th, 6:30pm
Fun, and a chance to hear what other Tree Teams are doing.

***Join the AL Tree Team before the Trivia starts at 5:45 for discussion of our Park Tree Inventory set for September 16th, and our plans to write a grant to plant more street trees in our 'hood.  Come join the Team!


Love your Park Work Party July 8

What will we do?
*  weed lightly around trees
* spread lots of bark mulch
* flame weed curbing along Dekum and Bryant and in the gravel along Delaware
* flame weed the backstops on each baseball diamonds
* sweep sand back into the sandbox

Love your Park Work Party
Saturday, July 8
9-11 or 12
Meet at the west baseball diamond off Dekum closer to Greeley.

We will have water and snacks.  After the work is done - or we quit because it is getting too hot - we will buy lunch for the 1st 15 volunteers.  We usually go to Azteca Burrito on Rosa Parks Way and Denver for the best pricing within our budget.  Some work, and some fun getting to know each other over lunch.
Hope to see you there!