Movie in the Park at Arbor Lodge in 2017 or not?

If you love it, please read and consider volunteering.  Without you, it won't happen.

We've had 3 years of fun watching a Movie in the Park at Arbor Lodge Park. But fundraising and planning for the event is challenging. We don't feel that the movie in the park accomplishes our main goal of getting the most neighbors possible meeting and talking to one another. The Arbor Lodge NA will be focusing instead of events like our neighborhood BBQ, which had fantastic turnout last year. Community is great, and food is great. Lets have more of both.

In the interest of transparency on the difficulty of fundraising and planning, this describes how the movie has worked in the past: 
The movie in the park cost us $750 out of our annual budget of $1,100 last year. Each year, those costs have increased.  And each year, the opportunity to raise funds via Movie in the Park advertising and sponsorship has tightened up.  Our 1st year we had permission from the city to seek funds and we asked local businesses to give what they could starting at $25 for an ad that scrolled before the movie.  The next year we negotiated with the city from their bottom line of $300 per add to $50 for local businesses, but the city didn't run the scroll of advertising, upsetting us and those who donated.  This year the city required a $300 minimum for each ad.  Also, for the first 2 years we (the Neighborhood Association) were able to "pass the hat" to help us pay for the movie.  This year, the city - without letting us know - passed the hat for themselves.  We did get the movie moved to a Friday night (at the request of neighbors who border the Park), but we usually don't get much input on the choice of the movie, or food vendors either.  We like having the Movie at our Park, but as a Board we just can't support the process the City is using because it costs so much, doesn't allow us to engage our local business community, and doesn't serve our goals of gathering folks together to meet, get to know each other, and share fun.

If you feel attached to, and would like to volunteer to organize it for Arbor Lodge, work with the City, and raise funds for the movie in the park, please let us know. If you are one of those neighbors who love this summer event and want to see it continue, if you want to raise $$ for the NA, most of it going for the movie in the park, let us know.  If we get enough folks, we will support you moving forward and help you succeed to the best of our abilities.

Again, we at the NA are choosing to focus on great events that draw people together to get to know each other like the BBQ and serving our community together like maintaining a pesticide-free Arbor Lodge Park and Harper's Playground. 

Questions?  contact Ginger at ginger.edws@gmail.com


Seeking: Secretary

We need someone who can regularly attend our 3rd Thursday meetings and take notes. We provide training and encouragement, and we'd love to have you! It's a great way to get involved in your neighborhood, learn about new development and plans, and give back to your community with a fun group of people. Contact katy.asher@gmail.com if you're interested and we'll give you more information. 


Changed Meeting Format and Time - November 2016

Instead of our usual monthly meeting, this Thursday, 11/17 our board is getting together for a training and strategy session. Everyone is still welcome to attend, however, take note that the format will be very different from our usual! We're meeting from 6-9 PM (not our usual 6:30-8:30) at the Historic Kenton Firehouse. 

See you there, or, see you in December!


Hi there Park Lovers,

We are rescheduling Parke Diem for Arbor Lodge Park.  

The new date is Friday, November 11th, 9-11 am

Yes, it is Veteran's Day - a National Holiday, many businesses are closed and schools too, so maybe an opportunity - what better way to celebrate than to volunteer.

Come join us if you can.  We have no idea what the weather will be so dress accordingly.  We do have T-shirts, water bottles, snacks, and we might have hot chocolate if we can get it donated, or just hot water and Swiss Miss packets.  We have gloves too, 50 pairs.  

We will weed around trees, spread bark mulch, and "put the Park to bed for the winter".  

It's a short work party, we'll have fun, and get to know our neighbors.  Thank you!

Questions:  ask Ginger
(503) 312-7135

Light up the night - volunteer to hand out blinking lights for Be Seen, Be Safe

We're sure you have noticed the shortened daylight hours and increased rainy weather that is typical of Portland in early fall. It's getting darker earlier, and visibility will become more of an issue for everyone using our roadways.

We are partnering Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) and TriMet to promote their “Be Seen. Be Safe.” visibility campaign to distribute flashing safety strobes to people walking and biking. 

Help us keep our neighbors seen and safe - volunteer to hand out flashing lights and reflective stickers to people walking on the sidewalk, waiting at the bus stop, riding bikes etc. from 4:30-6:30 on November 10th and 11th along Greeley, Rosa Parks, and Lombard!

We'd love to have you, and it always feels good to give out free stuff in the name of neighborliness.


Parke Diem is cancelled for this Saturday, October 15, 20161, 9- 12, noon

Why?  Predicted winds of up to 60 mph could cause tree limbs to come down.  Since most of our work was set to be under trees, we just can't take that risk.

We hope to reschedule in early November if the weather allows.  Stay connected to the ALNA website, or let Ginger know you want to be invited to a rescheduled work party.

Thanks to all who volunteered!  Stay dry and safe.


October 2016 E-Newsletter - Get in on the Good!

Learn more about what we're up to and how you can participate.
Click here for our most recent e-news

Make your Mark, Amplify your Voice - Board Elections 10/20/16

Join us for our Annual Membership and Elections meeting Thursday, October 20th.  All positions are open to new candidates each year, so if you are interested in being part of the Arbor Lodge Neighborhood Association Board, let us know!
Attend our October 20th meeting, 6:30PM at the Kenton Firehouse on N Brandon and Schofield

Board members contribute a couple hours per month towards making great events happen in our neighborhood over the next year, like the neighborhood picnic, movies in the park, neighborhood cleanup and more! We expect everyone to regularly attend our monthly meetings, and then put a few hours towards some other project (new or existing) on behalf of the association some other time of the year. 

Positions are open to people who live, own property and represent organizations and businesses in our neighborhood. ("Live in the Neighborhood" means that we also welcome renters' perspectives - come have a say and advocate for tenants' needs!) 

The people below have already declared that they're interested in serving in the following positions, however all positions are open. We are eager to include everyone and all ideas and energies in ALNA. Our current list of neighbors who are running for the board:
Robert Greene, Duane Eldred, Sharon Parker, Ginger Edwards, Katy Asher, Allen Wheeland, Nate Young

We hope you'll add your name to the list!


Vigil for Safe Streets and Community Member Stanley Grochowski

September 29, we hosted a Vigil at the crosswalk at Greeley and Bryant for Stanley Grochowski who was hit and killed by a hit & run driver on September 29, 2016. Stanley's family was joined by a group of community members holding signs asking people driving along Greeley to slow down and keep an eye out for people in the crosswalk. Thanks to all of the neighbors who showed up to show support for safer streets in the neighborhood! See coverage of this event on KGW and at Bikeportland.org here and here.

Stan was killed in the crosswalk across N. Greeley Ave and N. Bryant St., by a hit-and-run driver at 8:30 pm Tuesday August 30th, 2016. His artwork was left at the scene of his death. The homicide suspect was driving a small dark SUV (likely a 2008-2012 Toyota RAV4 with silver trim), driving southbound. A reward is offered for tips by calling 503-823-4357.

This was the third vigil for a serious car crash incident in our neighborhood in the past 6 months. We saw our board member Brian Duncan paralyzed in a a crash at Rosa Parks and Delaware on March 30. We hosted a Ride of Silence in May, paying tribute to Brian along with other people on bicycles who have been seriously injured or killed by people driving cars.
Vigil for Diana Miller Dixon at N Rosa Parks and Delaware
Three months later, Diana Miller Dixon was killed at the same intersection when a person ran a red light. All three crashes took place at intersections leading to the heart of our neighborhood - Arbor Lodge Park, Harper's Playground and Chief Joseph School.

We invite neighbors to join us in taking action: slowing down as they travel through the neighborhood, taking the Vision Zero Pledge, adding a Vision Zero sign to their yard to show support for safe streets, and researching or bringing your own ideas to the table at one of our monthly meetings. We'd love to hear from you!


Save the Date and Sign Up: Join us for Parke Diem October 15th

Many hands make light work! Join us at Arbor Lodge Park/Harper's Playground, October 15th, 9-12 for Parke Diem, a day of service in Portland parks. Portland Parks Foundation provides us with extra tools, gloves, and snacks and beverages for this work party - plus free t-shirts and water bottles!
We will be weeding around trees and in planting areas, spreading bark mulch, flame weeding the curbing, sidewalk cracks, and the baseball infields - if we weed, we keep our park pesticide free and bee friendly.

We need at least 5 volunteers to make our project a success - will you be one of them?

To sign up (and to help us plan for food and receive your free t-shirt) please go to:
Then click on "neighborhood park projects"
Arbor Lodge Park should be the top left option
Sign up!