Land Use Committee Tuesday January 14th

The ALNA Land Use Committee meets the second Tuesday of each month at 7pm. The time, location and agenda for January is below. Walk on items are welcome, e mail landuse@arborlodgeneighborhood.com.

Land Use Meeting
Tuesday January 14th, 7pm
Arbor Lodge Coffee 1507 Rosa Parks


7-7:30 PM Minarik Architecture Neighborhood Contact Meeting. The architects will present an 18 unit apartment building to be located at 1605 N Rosa Parks. Renderings and site plans can be viewed here.

7:30-8:30: Save Downtown Arbor Lodge Campaign Planning. Discussion on next steps of our community's work to incorporate ground floor commercial space at a large multifamily development at 6545 N Denver.


Arbor Lodge neighborhood Association meeting, Thursday, January 16th, 7pm, Kenton Fire House
all who live, work and play in Arbor Lodge are welcome, home owners, renters, workers, All

*  welcome
*  PGE Guest coming to share the Test Grid info - 10-15 minutes
*  approval of December minutes - please read online prior to meeting and submit corrections to Susan online - 5 minutes
*  Budget discussion - 15-20 minutes
*  decision time - 501C3 or not?  fund raising really hampered by not doing this - 10 minutes
*  Land Use update - 10 minutes
*  Clean Air? 5 minutes - should we start monitoring now for a baseline re:  tolling and potential impact on our air?
*  Trees - 10 minutes, potential to co-host Canopy Stories with the PTO at Chief Joseph, and should we buy a tree for the school?
*  Parks 10 minutes, request from PP&R that we donate some $$ for items at AL Park
*  Clean Up - 5-10 minutes
*  lighting at developments - Bob Greene - 5-10
Hope to see you there


Check out this website and utube video on how to help curb garbage from homeless camps in Portland. 

We can all help keep Portland cleaner and healthier.


Could you consider volunteering for your Neighborhood Association?

Do you like to keep things organized?  Is adding up a column of numbers fun for you?  If so, we might have a volunteer gig for you.  
Arbor Lodge Neighborhood Association is looking for a Treasurer.  It isn't a big job, but a necessary one.  Here is some info:
*  we generally write between 15-20 checks a year (some can be debits)
*  we need to track this and deposits monthly
*  we have 3 restricted funds that need to be kept separate, one is managed by North Portland Community Works - so some sharing of info is important but that's all for this fund.  One other requires an annual report on monies spent to the donating program.
*  we have 2 State reports due, each one page, one in May, one in November
*  we have an annual report due, 1-2 pages due at the end of June each year.
*  we have one more annual report due December 1st to NPNS, Inc, our insurance umbrella.  
We meet monthly on the 3rd Thursday of each month at 7pm at the Kenton Fire House.  We are engaged in many issues in Arbor Lodge, land use, clean air, planting and giving away trees, maintaining Arbor Lodge Park as a pesticide free area, transportation issue.  Annually we host a Clean Up in May, a BBQ in July.  We try to have fun doing many of these things.
This volunteer gig would likely take between 3-4 hours most months, up to 5 occasionally.  This includes the monthly meetings from 7-8:30 or 8:45 once a month .
If you are interested, please contact Ginger at arborlodgeginger@gmail.com

Neighborhood Contact Development Meeting Tuesday January 7th

Join Icon Architecture and Marnella Homes Tuesday January 7th at the Kenton Library to review a proposed 12 unit multifamily apartment building to be constructed at 6912 N Maryland Avenue. 

Below is a note from the applicant team, who are hosting this informational meeting. 

"Marnella Homes is known for energy efficient buildings with supplemented solar electricity.  This energy efficient design will receive NGBS multi family certification as well as providing comfortable living spaces.  Each unit is equipped with its own laundry as well as private balcony.  Emphasis was put on a safe and secure building for resident’s and their families.  It will have the convenience of being within walking distance to public transit. "

Meeting Date:                   Tuesday, January 7, 2020
Meeting Time:                   6:00 p.m. – 7:45 p.m
Meeting Location:            Kenton Library Meeting Room 
                                        8226 N Denver Ave  Portland, OR 97217


Agenda, December 19th Arbor Lodge NA meeting, 7pm, Kenton Fire House
these meetings are open to all who live and work in Arbor Lodge, home owners, renters, those who own or work in a business here, please join us to keep Arbor Lodge a great place to be.

7 - Welcome - 5-10, approval of minutes from internet read
7:10 - PGE presentation - new test grid in our zip code
7:25 - Postal delivery presentation - Peter from Overlook will share info with us
7:40 - Aaron - owner of building at 6550 N. Interstate - Aaron will give us an update on his work to do a build out at this location
8:00 - discussion of need for a Communications person, on Board or not - duties?  ideas?  how to recruit?
8:15 - spring Clean Up?  join with others?
8:20 - Committee reports
           Land Use - 10-15
          Clean Air - 10
          Transportation - 5-10
          Trees - 5
          Park - 5
Adjourn - by 8:50 if we can


Season of Plenty and Sharing

'tis the season of plenty and sharing for sure, unless you don't have plenty or enough.  Each year Arbor Lodge Neighborhood Associations invites all to share with Chief Joseph Elementary - for those that don't have enough.   The Winter school break is 3 weeks long, and the weekend backpack program can't send home enough food for hungry kids.  Instead, we urge you to take one or more $5 gift coupons from Fred Meyer or Grocery Outlet to the school by December 17th.  Staff and volunteers will divide up what comes in and share with those kids who normally get a backpack.

The School is located on the corner of Saratoga and Delaware.  The front office will be happy to receive any and all gift card donations.  Thank you for supporting your neighbors!  ALNA


Land Use Committee Meeting

Our next land use meeting is on Tuesday December 10th at 7pm, at Arbor Lodge Coffee 1507 N Rosa Parks Way. Below is the agenda, please be in touch if you have any questions!

7-7:30pm: Updates & Next Steps On 6545 N Denver LUBA appeal http://www.arborlodgeneighborhood.com/p/save-downtown.html for background information
7:30-7:45pm: Code Change Updates. Design Overlay Zoning Amendments (DOZA), and Better Housing By Design.
7:45-8pm: Issue regarding a potential code violation of minimum set backs at 1801 N Rosa Parks (New 3 story condo building at NW corner of Fenwick).
8-8:30pm: Neighborhood engagement on 6710 N Greenwich Ave, and broader issues on N Greenwich Ave

If you'd like more information on any of these items, please feel free to e mail landuse@arborlodgeneighborhood.com to ask questions or join our land use mailing list.

Arbor Lodge Neighborhood Association Happy Hour
Wednesday, December 4th, 2019 from 5:30 to 7
Come down and have a pint and meet your neighbors.
Kid friendly. All are welcome.


Arbor Lodge Neighborhood Association Meeting Agenda
Thursday, November 21 st , 2019
7 pm to 8:30 pm
Historic Kenton Firehouse
8105 N Brandon Ave

Welcome ~ Introductions
ODOT Presentation: Alice Hodge 20 minutes
Portland Youth Builders: Randall Wyatt 10 minutes
Approval of October Minutes: Please review minutes on line prior to meeting
Land Use: Mark Wyman 10 minutes
Clean Air: Susan Grant Harris 5 minutes
Transportation: Beth Staus 5 minutes
Happy Hour: Beth Staus 5 minutes
Neighborhood Clean-up/livability: Karen Wolfe 5 minutes
Other committee updates/discussions/proposed agenda items: any board member
Schedule December meeting or defer to January