You're Invited - Transportation Safety Meet-up - Update!

Are you interested in helping us take action for transportation safety in the neighborhood? Let us know if you can make our inaugural Safety Brainstorm/Action session this Sunday, May 1, by clicking through to this doodle poll. http://doodle.com/poll/e4ffz83hkq5cad84

We've settled on 9-10 am at the Historic Kenton Firehouse, upstairs meeting room. See you there!

Can't make it but still interested? Email katy dot asher at Gmail dot com and we'll add your email to a list for updates.


Would you like to see more Trees in Arbor Lodge ?

Then join up with the Tree Team and help us plan for it.  We will be meeting April 20th at 6:30 at the Lucky Lab on Killingsworth.  We'll be talking about Heritage Trees - the deadline to nominate them this year is April 30th.   We also we plan to talk about Tree identification in Arbor Lodge Park; we hope to develop a tri-fold brochure with this info and more about the Park.  Finally, we hope to plan for increased tree planting next winter/spring.  Come join the fun!  Questions?  ginger.edws@gmail.com


Help us understand housing in our neighborhood

We invite you to complete Metro's survey about housing choice in the Portland/Vancouver Metropolitan area.

The purpose of the survey is to hear your voice and give you power to let your local governments and service providers know about your concerns and what you would change about the community. Your answers will be part of a regional planning effort for the counties in the Metro area including Clackamas, Washington, and Multnomah Counties. Your response will have an impact on actions of local governments and service providers, such as how and where public funds are spent on housing developments, infrastructure, programs, and more. Please take the time to make your voice heard!

This survey should take about 20-25 minutes to complete. Your time and comments are greatly appreciated.

Take the survey now:

If you provide your name and address ON THE LAST PAGE, it will be placed in a drawing for a $100.00 grocery store gift certificate of your choice. There will be five winners! Your answers are anonymous, for research purposes, and will not be connected with your name in any way! You do not need to provide your name to us unless you wish to be entered into the drawing.

To view the Sweepstakes Official Promotion Rules, please click here.

PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR COMPLETED SURVEY BEFORE Saturday April 30, 2016. If you have questions, please send an email to PHBinfo@portlandoregon.gov or call Kim McCarty at 503-823-5312
Note that several important questions in the survey are open-ended and usually require more than just a few words to answer. We would greatly appreciate your candid feedback and honest opinions. 


Help us care for our senior and disabled neighbors

Do you have a pick-up truck and like to do good deeds?

Help us help senior and disabled neighbors get rid of their "junk" at the neighborhood's annual Cleanup by showing up with your pickup to help load unwanted junk from their house to our event.   

We hope for 2-3 pickups and a driver and helper for each pick up, so please let us know if you can be part of such a team.  We will screen calls and only send you out to pick up things that fit in a pick up bed from seniors and those with a disability. Thank you!

When?   Saturday, April 23rd, 1-2 hours any time between 9-3
What?    You and a helper - you bring a friend or we provide you with a team member, go to specific addresses and pick up the things this person cannot physically lift, and transport to the Clean Up.
Why ?  We know we have neighbors who simply physically can't get rid of their old furniture and junk because it's too big or bulky to put in their cars. Let's help them clear their clutter.

How can you volunteer?  Contact peggyshannon@earthlink.net


Save the Date to Dump Your Junk 4/23

Start making a mental note of all the things you'd like to take to the dump (cat castles, broken kiddie pools, old furniture, planting supplies, reusable clothes, e-waste)...then make a plan to drop them off at at the Arbor lodge ( ALNA) and Kenton Neighborhood (KNA) Annual Spring Cleanup on Saturday, April 23 between 9am-3pm. For just $10, we’ll haul it away! 

Important Changes this year: Absolutely Prohibited materials for Spring Cleanup this year: hazardous waste, batteries, CFL’s, commercial landscaping, construction, remodeling or demolition debris, waste not accepted at transfer stations, household garbage, residential yard debris or trimmings, no electronics with fluids, fuels or bio-hazard..Otherwise, anything with a cord or battery is allowed.

Also, no asbestos in any form. Examples of suspected asbestos risk :
Flooring: vinyl tiles, vinyl sheet, cove base molding, mastic
Walls: plaster, decorative plaster
Siding: cement siding shingles (e.g., “Transite”)
Ceilings: acoustical tiles, "popcorn” and spray-on texture)
Insulation: spray-applied, blown-in, vermiculite, pipe, HVAC and lagging)
Electrical: wire insulation, panel partitions
Other: fire doors, fire brick, fire proofing


Thank you!
Thank you's to both the street tree pruners on March 5th and the Park/Playground work party volunteers on March 12th.  Each team helped make our neighborhood a better place.  Street Tree Pruners helped between 50-60 young street trees regain a healthy shape, clear sidewalks and street canopy requirements and get healthier.  Park/Playground volunteers helped us maintain our spray free status - remember we are now 1 of only 3 pesticide/herbicide free parks out of 252 in all of Portland. You also helped us fix and secure bird boxes for the spring season, weeded, spread bark mulch, and flamed weeded the baseball infields for those Little League teams ready to come and play.
Thank you all!
Next work party at the Park/Playground is Saturday, May 14th, 9-12, meet at the west baseball diamond.  We hope to see some of you there.


Show Us Your Brawn (or friendly greeting, sweeping or sorting skills)

We need a few more volunteers at our spring cleanup event this year - can you help out for a couple hours?

For the past few years, volunteers from Kenton and Arbor Lodge Neighborhoods helped recycle, reuse and get rid of materials for our fellow neighbors. We save everyone a trip to the dump, and the $10 raised from each car load of junk we collect funds neighborhood projects like trash cans along N. Denver in Kenton, and ALNA's movie night in Arbor Lodge Park. 

When: SaturdayApril 23
Where: N Farragut at N Delaware
Who: You! (and a friend! or student who needs volunteer hours!

Volunteer shifts include:

Unloading (moving junk from people's trunks to dumpster bins and recycling piles - fast moving, hands-on work)
9-11:30am or 11:30-2pm

Rummage/Swap Area Maintenance (encourage re-use and recycling by organizing our swap pile)
10am-noon, noon-2pm

Greeter (welcome neighbors to the event and hand out information)
10am-noon, noon-2pm

Food and Sign-in Coordinator (make sure volunteers are well fed, and sign release waivers)
10am-noon, noon-2

Wrap-up (help tidy up remaining recyclables, swap area at end of day- only 90 minutes!)

Contact our cleanup coordinator extraordinaire Peggy, if you can help or have questions , by emailing peggyshannon@earthlink.net.


We're seeking 20 volunteers to distribute fliers - are you one of them?

We think delivering flyers door-to-door is the best way to let people know how to get involved in their neighborhood. We do a big push each spring to get the word out about our annual cleanup fundraiser and summer events.

Our neighborhood area( Kenton and Arbor lodge ) is big enough that we need extra volunteers to help with this task each spring - can you help? 

When:  Early to mid April (likely April 4-9
What:   Walking fliers door to door to advertise/inform all of the Clean Up set for April 23rd
How:   You pick a walking route, chose your own time to walk, and leave flyers on people's doorsteps

Benefits:  Exercise, getting to know the neighborhood, maybe meeting a new neighbor, and helping us advertise our annual cleanup that raises funds for the Movie in the Park!

How do I volunteer?  Call or e-mail Peggy Shannon

phone:  (503) 289-6295