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Update: December 17th 2021

 Holiday Dinner for Arbor Lodge Shelter

Delivery of items anytime December 23rd, or 24th, just take to the front door.

Items left/still needed:

*. 4-6 packages of sliced cheese - (10 slices per package)

*. 6 packaged salads

*. large roll of aluminum foil for leftovers

* large bag of dinner rolls, Costco sells bags of 36 for $5.99

*. bags of chips - any amount

*. one large jar of mustard

*. as many cookies as you want to share

here is the link for the sign up:

Thanks for helping support our new neighbors.

Update, they are close to 70 people at the shelter.  This meal is intended to be simple, and easy to set out anytime over the Holiday.   

You can donate anytime between 8am and 6pm, just go to the front door with your mask, someone will greet you and thank you.   Several of us have had very positive interactions with residents, wishing us a good day, thanking us for donations.  They seem very happy to be at the Shelter.

Happy Holidays to all.

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